Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Q Source VP Interviewed at the 2016 Costa Rica Life Sciences Forum

The Costa Rica Life Sciences Forum 2016 is being held this week in San Jose, Costa Rica. Q Source’s Vice President, Gus Lugten, was part of an interview filmed at the forum and posted on the CINDE (Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency) YouTube Channel.

Lugten commented on the high level of education in Costa Rica, the impressive lineup of companies present in the country, and Q Source’s role in providing solutions to the challenges those companies face:

CINDE is a private, non profit investment services organization that has attracted more than 250 high-tech companies to Costa Rica over the past 32 years. Costa Rica is the second largest medical device exporter in Latin America and the Life Sciences Forum is their dedicated MedTech event for the Life Sciences sector in the region. The 2016 Life Sciences Forum event is the third edition of this gathering of reps from leading manufacturers, researchers, consultants, and government officials focused on the latest advances and achievements in this sector.

Q Source, Inc., formed in 1984, is a distributor supplier of products addressing the commercial industrial assembly and production environments. Most notably working with the Electronic and Pharmaceutical Industrial sectors, our product supply offering is now utilized in almost all industrial type manufacturing.

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