Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Excelta Corp Celebrates 55th Anniversary

Excelta Corporation, leading maker and supplier of precision hand tools, marked their 55th anniversary in September 2012. Q Source, Inc. has been a proud distributor of Excelta products since 1984 and we wanted to take a moment to recognize their achievement.

Whether it be their Lazer Line Cutters or the Cobaltima Line of Tweezers, Excelta has consistently created innovative, precision tools. Q Source offers more than 570 Excelta hand tools including the complete Five-Star Line of Tweezers, Cutters & Pliers. We also work with Excelta to utilize their experience and expertise offer a custom tool option.

Fifty-five years creating quality hand tools is quite an impressive accomplishment. We congratulate Excelta on their successful longevity and wish them luck for another 55.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Q Source Plans for Hurricane Sandy

As the powerful, Hurricane Sandy approaches the Long Island, NY area, Q Source is taking actions to be able to keep our staff and equipment safe and also continue to serve our customers as efficiently as possible. We urge those of you in Sandy's path to also take the necessary precautions to be safe and prepared.

Our Long Island office and are currently open and will be until end of business today (pending that weather conditions stay the same). Both FedEx and UPS have informed us that, due to the storm, we will be unable to ship today (Monday, October 29, 2012) and most likely tomorrow as the worst of the storm is expected to hit tonight. We anticipate being able to resume shipping on Wednesday, October 31.

In anticipation of power outages and/or water damage, we will be shutting down our computers and phones at the end of the day today. will also be unavailable at this time. We expect to be functioning completely again starting regular business hours on Wednesday, October 31st, possibly sooner.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank you for being a Q Source customer.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The 2012 Long Island SMTA Expo and Technical Forum: Technical Sessions, Networking & a Free Lunch

The Long Island SMTA Expo and Technical Forum one-day show will be held Wednesday, October 10th, 2012, from Noon - 5 p.m. at the Islandia Marriott Long Island in Islandia, NY. Q Source is a regular exhibitor at the expo and will be participating once again this year.

The Long Island SMTA Expo features more than 70 exhibits and a full schedule of technical sessions including:
  • Implementing Advanced and "Bleeding Edge" SMT Components presented by Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall, ITM Consulting
  • Current Counterfeit Technologies Counterfeiters' Techniques presented by Tom Sharpe, SMT Corporation
  • Cleaning in a World of "No Clean" presented by Michael Konrad, Aqueous Technologies Corporation
  • "STUMP THE CHUMPS" presented by Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall, ITM Consulting
This regional SMTA show offers free technical sessions, free lunch, and the chance to network with leading suppliers to our industry. The event is a perfect opportunity for Process Engineers, SMT Machine Operators/Technicians, Quality Engineers, Test & Component Engineers, and Project Managers to pick up new knowledge and skills to apply at their workplace.

The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) is an international network of professionals working toward developing skills, sharing practical experiences, and creating solutions in the electronic assembly industry.

Follow the link for more information about the Long Island SMTA Expo and Technical Forum show. To learn more about Q Source, please visit

Friday, October 5, 2012 Temporarily Down for Maintenance

The Web site will be down for maintenance beginning at approximately 10:00 AM (EDT), on Saturday, October 6th (10/06/2012). We will be upgrading our site and adding new features to make your shopping experience even more enjoyable. will be back at around 5:00 PM (EDT) on Sunday, October 7th (10/07/2012) (or earlier!).

For questions, quotes, or orders during our downtime, please send us an email at and one of our helpful associates will respond to you as soon as possible. You may also leave us a message at 800-966-6020.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Thank you for shopping at

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tunnel to Towers Run 2012: A Q Source Staff Member Retraces the Steps of a 9/11 Hero

Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Run 2012The firefighter donned his gear and started running through New York City's Battery Tunnel. It was hot, noisy, and crowded…but he kept running. His destination? The towers at the World Trade Center.

That's the journey that FDNY firefighter, Stephen Siller, made that fateful day of September 11th, 2001. Q Source's Web Assistant, John Garland, retraced those steps this past Sunday, September 30th, at the 2012 Tunnel to Towers 5K Run/Walk.

Garland, 23, has been with Q Source for three years. When he's not working on our Web site, he's a volunteer firefighter with the Mastic Fire Department here on Long Island. Along with about 25 other members of his fire station, Garland ran in the annual memorial event to honor Siller and the 343 firefighters who lost their lives that day eleven years ago.

Mastic Fire Department
A dedicated firefighter for almost five years, Sunday's Run was Garland's first. He had looked forward to participating in the event and now says that, "The experience was completely amazing…the atmosphere and environment were packed full of excitement, memories, pride, brotherhood…everything was there to make it something I will definitely never forget."

"Running in gear and realizing that he did the same that day, except full of traffic and knowing he might not be coming home, was a crazy feeling."

Freedom TowerThe Tunnel to Towers Run was created to recognize the selfless heroism displayed by Stephen Siller on 9/11. After hearing about the first plane hitting the tower, Siller (who had just finished the late shift) turned around to go back and meet his company. When he reached the Battery Tunnel it was already closed and jammed with traffic. He got out of his truck, grabbed his equipment (weighing about 60 pounds) and ran to the World Trade Center. Garland commented on following that path on Sunday, "Running in gear and realizing that he did the same that day, except full of traffic and knowing he might not be coming home, was a crazy feeling."

When Siller exited the tunnel that day he, undoubtedly, was hit with the impact and emotion of what he saw. Upon Garland's exit he, too, was overcome with emotion, "Coming out of the tunnel and seeing the FDNY lined up with photos of all of the 343 firefighters who gave their lives was touching, especially with the Freedom Tower showing in the background. It was absolutely beautiful and words can hardly describe it."

The Tunnel to Towers Run is not only a memorial tribute, it is also part of a wonderful charity to help build homes for severely wounded American soldiers. The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation and the Gary Sinise Foundation worked together to create a program called, "Building for America's Bravest." The Run sees a large participation by members of the military and Garland noted the even greater sense of a common purpose, "Running along with all branches of the military and firefighters from all over, even overseas, was amazing. Guys who don't know you, yet see you in bunker gear [firefighting equipment] still come up like they knew you your whole life. It was shocking."

Firefighters from the Mastic Fire Department and other departments on the deck of the Three Forty Three after the TTTR.
John Garland is third from the left.
"Being a firefighter means a lot to me, just the joy and satisfaction of
helping someone is what really gets to me."

Garland's experiences at the Tower to Tunnels Run mirror his own outlook on being a firefighter, "Being a firefighter means a lot to me, just the joy and satisfaction of helping someone is what really gets to me." He plans on doing the Run again for many years to come and confirms what a life-changing experience it was, "I could honestly say that doing the Tunnel to Towers Run has been, and will be, a definite high point and unforgettable moment in my life."

For more information about the Tunnel to Towers 5K Run/Walk, the Gary Sinise Foundation, or the Building for America's Bravest program please follow their respective links.
Three Forty Three
The Three Forty Three, the FDNY vessel dedicated to the firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11

To see even more of John's photos please check out the Tunnel to Towers Run - 2012-09 set on Flickr. You can also see some short videos of the day on John's YouTube channel.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

INTERPHEX Puerto Rico 2012 Opens Tomorrow - Still Time to Register

Have you registered for INTERPHEX Puerto Rico 2012 yet? The conference begins tomorrow and we're all ready to go and very excited to meet you in person at Booth 723. We also wanted to remind you that there is still time for you to register to be our guest at the conference.

Promoted as the Caribbean's premier event for life science manufacturing, INTERPHEX Puerto Rico (held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan on October 4th and 5th) is the perfect opportunity for life science/facility professionals, suppliers, and a variety of experts to get together for networking, exposure to new and innovative products, and a chance to learn from the best in the field. The conference aims to promote efficiency, productivity, and a competitive edge for those in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, and Diagnostic industries.

This is a can't-miss conference and we want you to enjoy it as Q Source's guest. After you use the following link to register for INTERPHEX Puerto Rico 2012, you'll get a FREE exhibit hall admission and 15% OFF a full conference pass. Then you'll be all set to check out the more than 200 vendors in the exhibit hall (we're partial to Booth 723) and experience the conference's new program with dedicated tracks for Pharma/Bio, Medical Device, Buildings & Facilities, and Technical Writing.

For more info about INTERPHEX Puerto Rico 2012 please visit our Facebook Events page or you can read INTERPHEX's conference blog. We look forward to seeing you in San Juan!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Brady's New BBP33 Label Printer: Fast, Efficient, Mess-Free Label Printing

Label printing can be a nightmare. Dealing with wasted ribbons and labels, wasted time setting up the printer and software, and an often messy cleanup leads to much frustration and inefficiency. Brady Worldwide's latest innovative printing solution, the BBP®33 Label Printer, was created to end those nightmares.

Brady believes that label printing should be fast and simple and that your label printer should be powerful and versatile. From what we've seen of the BBP33, it looks like Brady has developed a printing tool that achieves those goals and sets new standards.

The Brady BBP33 Label Printer offers hassle-free thermal transfer printing for a variety of applications including: Wire, OEM, Product & Electronics, Safety & Facility, and Lean/5S. This PC-connect-only printer is great for medium use throughput and operation* (1,000 labels/day, 8 hours/day, 5 days a week for Wire ID and Small OEM labels. 600 2” x 4” labels per day or 300 larger labels per day for Safety labels) and offers around 500 parts and about 39 materials.

Feature-Rich Technology:
  • Print Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Auto Cutter: Standard (Built-in)
  • Max Print Speed: 4" per sec
  • Max Print Width: 4” (101.6 mm)
  • Media Widths: 4.125” max (104.8 mm)
  • Minimum Label Dimension: 0.250” (6.4 mm)
  • Color Capabilities: Monocolor
  • Connectivity Options: Standard USB, Ethernet; Optional Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Printer Language: BPL (Brady Programming Language)
  • Compatible Software: LabelMark™ Software ( or higher), MarkWare™ Software (v3.9.2 or higher), CodeSoft™ Software (v9.0 or higher), Windows® based driver for 3rd party software use
* Throughput will vary depending on specific label size, text printed, and other factors.

Twenty seconds or less. That's about how long it will take you to change a label cartridge and ribbon in the BBP33. Brady's smart chip technology, utilized in both the label cartridge and the ribbon, means there's no calibration, no sensor adjustments, and no print speed trial and errors.

Combine the smart chip convenience with "drop-in" labels and ribbons that always install facing the correct way and you'll wonder where the BBP33 has been all your life. Brady has eliminated the time, waste, and mess usually associated with label printing by creating a system that prints on the first label every time, doesn't require ribbon spooling, and eliminates burn temperature trial and error.

Brilliantly Fast:
  • No sensor adjustment or calibration
  • No print speed or burn temp trials and errors
  • No scrolling through lists searching for label part
  • No need to set up label dimensions in software
  • Foolproof "drop-in" ribbon and label cartridges
  • Drop in the cartridge, lock it and start typing
  • No threading the ribbon around spools and print heads
  • Ink side of ribbon always faces the right way
  • Easy-to-handle cartridges that won't roll away or get damaged

Brady has a reputation for creating label materials that are durable, versatile, and high performing. Those standards continue here with the huge selection of materials available for the BBP33. Whether you need highly visible labels for use in your Lean/5S initiative or a label with high tolerances for laboratory work, the BBP33's material selection is sure to have the label that will adhere to difficult surfaces or be integral to your kaizen efforts.

A Myriad of Materials**:
  • Self-Laminating Vinyl Wire & Cable Labels (B-427) - Brady’s most popular wire marker
  • Adhesive Terminal Block Labels (B-498) - Holds strong but can be removed cleanly & reapplied
  • Pre-Printed Pre-Cut Blank Sign Headers (B-595) - For creating Arc Flash and safety warning labels in seconds
  • Retro Reflective Tape (B-584) - For highly reflective identification that shines back brightly when struck by light
  • Polyester Labels (B-423, B-430, B-432, B483, B-489) - For general purpose industrial ID applications
  • Polypropylene Labels (B-425) - General labeling material for indoor use
  • Standard Polyimide Labels (B-457, B-426) - For circuit board labels and high-temperature general ID applications
  • Static Dissipative Polyimide Labels (B-477, B-478, B-479) - For printed circuit board ID and electronic component ID
  • Outdoor Grade Vinyl Labels (B-595) - For 8-10 year outdoor use
  • Cold Temperature Application Material (B-549) - For identification in temperatures as cold as -40ºF
** This is just a mere sampling of the dozens of material options available for the BBP33—and that doesn't even include customized labels!

Of course, no matter how good your printer is and how many types of labels you have, it doesn't mean a thing if people can't read what you print. Brady's BBP33 printer ribbons are as high quality and durable as the rest of the system. Shipped in a self-contained cartridge that drops correctly into the printer with a click, and featuring smear-proof ink that can last for years in outdoor or industrial environments, Brady's B30 ribbons help provide quick, worry-free printouts time after time.

Ribbon Roll Call:
  • Quick and easy supply changes with “Drop & Click” print ribbons
  • Long-lasting printed text via tough, smear-proof ribbons
  • Durable print withstands years in industrial areas and/or outdoor conditions
  • Self-contained cartridges drop straight into printer with a “click”
  • Eliminates the need for calibrating, threading, wasted feeding, and ensures the ink will always be facing the right direction
  • Printer notifies user if installed ribbon is not recommended for installed labels

For high-quality, medium use via a PC the Brady BBP33 Label Printer is an excellent solution to your printing needs. If you'd like everything the BBP33 offers in a stand-alone printer check out the BBP33's sister printer, the BBP31. Both printers will have you forgetting the days of wasted time, money, and messy cleanups in no time.

The BBP33 Label Printer*** is available today in a number of configurations:
*** BBP33 Label Printer ships with printer, power cord, USB cable, drivers CD, stylus, cleaning kit, cutter cleaning tool, and quick start guide.

Q Source has been a proud Brady distributor since 1984 and currently features more than 1,600 Brady items on our Web site. For Brady BBP33 printers, ribbons, and labels Q Source is your resource. If you don't see the BBP33 part you want on, or if you need a custom label, please contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email and one of our knowledgeable Brady experts will gladly assist you.

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