Friday, March 29, 2013

Master Appliance Heat Guns: Versatile Tools for a Variety of Flameless Heat Tasks

There's nothing like having a fully stocked toolbox. And whether you're a homeowner or a professional, having the proper tool handy helps to avoid those "uh oh" moments. Some fixes go beyond the everyday screwdriver or hammer, and having something like a heat gun in your toolbox could be a life-saver.

Master Appliance knows a thing or two about heat guns—having manufactured them for 55 years. They've provided homeowners, electricians, plumbers, and contractors with high-quality heat guns to meet a variety of tasks such as paint stripping, thawing out pipes, soldering, bending PVC pipes, drying paint, and more. Let's take a closer look at a few of these versatile, must-have tools.


The original Master Appliance Heat Gun first released in 1958, the Master Heat Gun has been used by countless professionals for a myriad of tasks requiring reliable, flameless heat. Solidly built (double-protected heating element and die-cast aluminum housing) and powerful (its universal motor provides 23 CFM airflow with temperatures up to 1000°F) the Master Appliance Master Heat Gun offers durability and longevity.

Features and benefits of the Master Appliance Master Heat Guns include:
  • High temperature and power ratings: 1000°F/540°C at up to 1740 watts
  • Make quick work of heating tasks with a high airflow rating of 23 CFM at 3000 FPM
  • Powerful high-speed universal motor
  • Sturdy die-cast housing
  • Adjustable non-slip stand
  • Great for drying and heating parts, bending plastics, curing adhesives, shrink tubing, and more


Master Appliance's Varitemp Heat Guns offer heavy-duty, professional quality with variable temperature control. Variable temperature is important for tasks such as thawing out pipes where you'd want to start at a lower temperature and increase the heat as you conditioned the pipes. Reaching temperatures up to 1000°F, Master Appliance's Varitemp models make such tasks quicker and easier.

Features and benefits of the Master Appliance Varitemp Heat Guns include:
  • Up to 1000°F/540°C at 1740 watts temperature and power ratings
  • Easy dial-in temperature adjustment from ambient with variable temperature control
  • High airflow rating: 23 CFM at 3000
  • High-speed universal motor
  • Rugged, lightweight, and sturdy die-cast aluminum housing
  • Heating element encased in a double-protected housing


Master Appliance’s ProHeat Series include a number of heat gun models (Proheat Quick-Touch™, ProHeat Dualtemp™, ProHeat Varitemp, ProHeat Variair® Temperature, ProHeat LCD Dial-In, and the ProHeat LCD Programmable) with options to make any job faster and easier. For instance, the ProHeat LCD Heat Gun offers LCD temperature and airflow displays, while the Quick-Touch provides a momentary contact switch, which turns the unit off if the switch isn’t held.

Features and benefits of the Master Appliance ProHeat Heat Guns include:
  • A rugged thermoplastic housing provides protection and longevity
  • High-temperature, flameless heat via the enclosed ceramic heating element
  • The easy grip handle and protective hand & switch guard provide ergonomic protection and prevent operator fatigue
  • Easy to hang and use with its convenient hanging loop
  • Easily draws intake air through its protected, wrap around air intake
  • A stable, built-in stand and 3-wire grounded cordset provide flexibility and hand-free use
Q Source offers an extensive selection of Master Appliance Heat Guns and accessories perfect for any task where fast, reliable, flameless heat is required. In addition to the Master, Varitemp, and ProHeat heat gun lines, we also carry Master Appliance’s Ecoheat® and Master-Mite® models.

You'll find dozens of heat gun products along with hundreds of other Master Appliance heat tools at For more information, or to place a non-Web order, please contact us at 800-966-6020 or via email. We'd also love to hear about your experiences using Master Appliance heat guns—so, please post your comments below.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Brady to Release LINK 360 Version 2.1 Update in April

Brady Worldwide (Brady) will release an update to their Brady LINK360™ software product during the first week of April. LINK360, Brady’s cloud-based Visual Information Management (VIM) system, is used for managing visual information on and around equipment and machines.

The upcoming Version 2.1 update includes a number of new features to make the management process easier and more efficient. Brady LINK360 V2.1 will include the following additions:
  • Lockout Device Lists - Users will be able to view and print lockout device lists for selected machines/lockout procedures
  • Check List for Sign Off - Users be able to print, view, and archive signed-off printed check lists
  • Native iPad App - Employees will be able to do their work at the machine (creating, auditing, and editing procedures) with the BRADY LINK360 Lockout Center native app
These upgrades will help users of the subscription-based LINK 360 product create and maintain a safe workplace environment and employ visuals, reports, and feedback routines to maximize equipment performance. Version 2.1 will be the third update of the LINK360 platform since its debut in August 2012. Previous updates added such benefits as:

  • Paging Tools - Provided two types of paging options for viewing multiple pages of data or procedures. Depending on where a user was in the system, they could choose the option to "Show More," which displays an additional 20 items (usually procedures), or use the Paging Control, which displays a drop-down list that let them choose how many items they wanted displayed on the page at one time (usually for data lists)
  • LOTO Template Editing - Added new template properties that let the user choose to display an Energy Source Icon, an Identifier (ID), or both a small icon and ID on the procedure(s)
  • Setup Routing Requirements - Let company administrators setup the way the company procedures should be reviewed and approved. Options included: No approval required, 1st level approval required, 2nd level approval required
Current LINK360 subscribers will receive the 2.1 update at no cost and the update will be made to their software automatically. New customers will get the updated Version 2.1 with their subscription.

For more information about Brady's LINK360 platform please refer to our previous blog post, "Brady's LINK360 Cloud-Based Software Platform: Ease of Use for Ease of Mind". Also, for an insight into the importance of visual information management, please read, "Information Management as a Means for Dynamic Communication" written by our Brady guest blogger, Marlon Davis.

To purchase a LINK360 license please contact Q Source via phone (800-966-6020) or email and one of our Brady experts will gladly assist you.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Q Source’s March Offer Ends Soon: Get 10% Off Site-Wide Until 3/31

There's just one week left to take advantage of our March Social Networking Sale offer of an extra 10% off everything at Save on thousands of quality items by using our Facebook discount code.

Among our large product selection from dozens of manufacturers, we offer must-have, everyday items such as QRP Gloves, Jensen Global Dispensing Needles & Accessories, and Worklon Cleanroom Coveralls. And this savings opportunity would be a great time to get that Waldmann Tevisio Dimmable Magnifier or Hakko FA-430 Fume Extraction System you've been thinking about.

This month's sale offer will be going out like a March lamb on the 31st. So, head on over to our Facebook Coupons page today, and, if you haven't already, "like" us. You’ll then get the discount code for our 10% off special and be registered for all future monthly offers.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hakko HJ3100 Filter Adapter Frame Still Available at No Charge

BLOG UPDATE: We were recently contacted by a customer using several Hakko HJ3100 Fume Extractors in their plant. Back in June of 2011 we reported that Hakko had replaced the HJ3100 with the new Hakko FA-430 Fume Extraction System.

Our customer needed to obtain a few dozen Hakko Filter Adapter Frames (999-241), which enable the HJ3100 to fit the new A1586 Main Filter used with the FA-430. We had indicated, in a previous blog, that Hakko was offering the adapter for free, but we wanted to double-check this for our customer.

We have, subsequently, contacted Hakko and verified that the Hakko Filter Adapter Frame (999-241) is still available and at no charge. Customers may obtain one adapter for each HJ3100 unit they own. For more information, and to order the free adapter, please visit Hakko’s Web site.

For more information about the FA-430 Fume Extraction System or any Hakko product, please visit or give us a call at 800-966-6020. You may also email us and one of our helpful experts will respond to you as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Vision Engineering CamZ Handheld Portable Digital Video Inspection Magnifier: A Mobile Tool for On-the-Go Visual Inspection

Vision Engineering's state-of-the-art stereo microscope technology is a proven winner for visual inspection tasks in a quality control (QC) environment. But what if you have inspectors moving throughout your production department or need to inspect an immovable object you can't bring to the QC section? The Vision Engineering CamZ Handheld Portable Digital Video Inspection Magnifier is the perfect tool for mobile inspection and documentation.

The CamZ was created by Vision Engineering to enable you to magnify, inspect, and capture images (and store up 100) where you want, when you want. Using the CamZ's high-resolution, 4.3" diagonal color display and magnification (up to 14x) and easy-to-use ergonomically positioned buttons (Capture Image, Magnification, & Illumination), your inspectors have the ability to document manufacturing or assembly faults, inspect immobile items, obtain quick onscreen X, Y dimensions, and capture/download images--all while moving about your production area.

Among its impressive features, this unit offers one-handed use with a flip-out focus and stability arm, dual LED illumination, macro image capture, and cursor & grid functions for onscreen dimensioning. Additional detailed specifications for the CamZ include:

  • 4x-14x magnification: Far focus - 4x, 5x, and 8x/Near focus - 7x, 9x, and 14x
  • 3MP CMOS sensor
  • Sensor video: 30 frames per second
  • Dual LED illumination, optimized for macro imaging
  • On-screen dimensioning, with cursor & grid functions
  • Capture & store 100 images capture in 480 x 272 bitmap format (images can include date stamp and any cursors/grids in use)
  • Micro USB connection for image download & charging
  • Lithium-ion battery, with 5-hour continuous operation time
  • 4-hour charge time via USB
  • Supported OS: Windows 2K/ME/XP/Vista/7, Apple Mac OSx, and Linux Mass Storage Class drivers
  • Dimensions: 200 L x 80 H x 30 D mm
  • Weight: 225 grams or 0.49604009 lb.

The Vision Engineering CamZ ships with a hard-plastic foam-filled case; an adjustable lanyard, with safety clip; a lens cleaning cloth; a USB cable, and a universal USB charger.

For more information, or to place an order, please visit our Vision Engineering CamZ page at Furthermore, our Vision Engineering Department offers a variety of stereo microscopes and visual inspection solutions. If you need further assistance, or for a non-Web order, please contact us at 800-966-6020 or via email.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hot Savings on STEINEL's Multi-Purpose Electronic Heat Gun Kit

Hankering for hot savings on a heat gun? Then this sale oughta warm you up! From now until December 20, 2013, save more than 42% on STEINEL®'S HL 1910 E Variable Temperature Electronic Heat Gun Multi-Purpose Kit.

The STEINEL 34836 Multi-Purpose Electronic Heat Gun Kit includes the HL 1910 E Heat Gun with its adjustable temperature wheel and DuraTherm™ heating system. The kit also features a variety of accessories for use in precise, controlled heating applications.

HL 1910 E Electronic Heat Gun

A powerful heat gun, the RoHS-compliant STEINEL HL 1910 E uses its variable temperature (see Temperature Dial Settings chart below) and electronic thermocouple control for adaptable use and reliability. This versatile tool is suitable for a number of tasks such as plastic welding, heat shrink, automotive repair, bending pipe, shrink tubing, and forming plastic to railings.

Temperature Dial Settings
Temp. Dial Setting Temp. Range °F Temp. Range °C Sample Applications
100 – 160 °F
37.8 – 71.1 °C
Cleaning surfaces
200 – 300 °F
93.3 – 148.9 °C
Activating adhesives
375 – 475 °F
190.6 – 246.1 °C
Shaping/removing flooring materials
475 – 575 °F
246.1 – 301.7 °C
Welding PE, LDPE, PP, and thawing pipes
600 – 700 °F
315.6 – 371.1 °C
Welding ABS, PBT, PC, and lap welding plastic sheeting
725 – 825 °F
385.0– 440.6 °C
Desoldering circuit boards
850– 950 °F
454.4 – 510.0 °C
Stripping paint, loosening nuts/screws
975 – 1075 °F
523.9 – 579.4 °C
Desoldering copper pipes
102 5 – 1125 °F
551.7 – 607.2 °C

The HL 1910 E's DuraTherm Heating Element is a ceramic encapsulated heating system with coils that are wound through a series of stacked ceramic disks. This "honey-comb" effect promotes even heat and long life. In addition to the DuraTherm element, the Electronic Thermocouple Control is a microprocessor for heat measurement, which regulates and prevents heat back up. This feature also extends tool life and allows for the use of specialty reduction nozzles.

Other features and benefits of the STEINEL HL 1910 E Electronic Heat Gun include:
  • Variable temperature & airflow control (Temperature: 120 - 1100°F, Airflow: 3.6/10.6/17.6 CFM)
  • Approved for use of reduction nozzles
  • Three-stage switch: 1. Cool/2. Low /3. High
  • Output: 1500 watts
  • Voltage: 120 VAC/60Hz
  • Dual air filters
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Double insulated
  • Rubber stand
  • Rubber power cord

HL 1910 E Multi-Purpose Kit

The accessories included in the STEINEL 34836 Multi-Purpose Kit offer a number of reflector nozzles (9 mm, 14 mm, and 39 mm) and a reducer nozzle (9 mm). The reflector nozzles are used to direct air around pipes and tubing for even heating. The reduction nozzle pinpoints a focused stream of hot air for precision welding and soldering.

The 34836 Kit also contains:
  • Plastic welding nozzle
  • Overhead hanger
  • Welding rod assortment: ABS, PP, PVC, LDPE, & HDPE
  • Guide book
  • Heavy-duty case
To learn more about the STEINEL 34836 HL 1910 E Variable Temperature Electronic Heat Gun Multi-Purpose Kit, and to place an order, please visit We can also be contacted via email or at 800-966-6020. While you're at our Web site, please check out our STEINEL Department, which features dozens of heat guns and accessories.

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Save a Little o' the Green with Our March Social Networking Sale

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Meet OSHA LOTO Standards with Regular Periodic Reviews: Guest Blog

by Danielle Gallo, Product Marketing Specialist and Heather Marenda, Compliance Services Engagement Manager - Brady Corporation

Last October, OSHA published their annual Top 10 "Most Frequently Cited Standards" list for fiscal year 2012. Once again, 29 CFR 1910.147 - The Control of Hazardous Energy (lockout/tagout) made the list. This regulation has been in force for more than 20 years and consistently appears on this list. So what are employers and safety managers missing?

One area where many companies fall into trouble is the periodic inspection element, found in 1910.147(c)(6). According to OSHA, periodically means "at least annually." Do you look at your internal lockout/tagout (LOTO) machine-specific procedures at least once a year to determine if any part of that process has changed? And if your equipment or process has changed, do you have a process to update the procedure at that time, instead of waiting?

1910.147(c)(6)(i): The employer shall conduct a periodic inspection of the energy control procedure at least annually to ensure that the procedure and the requirements of this standard are being followed.

Part of this periodic inspection requires that an inspector review the procedure with "each authorized person." Authorized persons are those persons who perform the preventative maintenance, testing, calibration, or inspections of equipment. This review is a critical part of the Control of Hazardous Energy regulation, as well as your employee's safety. All inspections must be properly documented and recorded with the findings, as well as any action items must be addressed in a timely manner.

Not only are machine-specific LOTO procedures mandated by the OSHA regulation, but when effectively and visually displayed in a facility they can have drastic improvements in your workplace. Machine-specific procedures can:
  • Reduce employee training time
  • Reduce machine/equipment down time
  • Increase the overall productivity of a process, and boost morale, by helping employees understand what they need to do to keep themselves and their co-workers safe
To make compliance with this portion of the regulation easier on yourself, incorporate a review of your lockout procedures every six months as part of preventative maintenance programs. By instituting these regular reviews you'll be meeting the minimum OSHA regulations, very likely following the equipment manufacturer's recommendations, and keeping your employees safe in the process.

Q Source would like to recognize our guest bloggers, Danielle Gallo and Heather Marenda, from Brady Corporation. Thank you very much for your contribution to The Q Source Resource.

To learn more about lockout/tagout solutions for your workplace please contact Q Source's LOTO experts at 800-966-6020 or via email.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Must-Have 3M Items Newly Added to Q Source Clearance Center

We've previously told you about the great deals to be found in our Clearance Center. Our offerings in that department are frequently updated, so we wanted to fill you in about some recently added, high-quality 3M products now available in clearance.

Most of these in stock, ready-to-ship items are your must-haves for ESD safety. Save on wrist straps, grounding cords, and more including:
In addition to those great ESD items, we've also added 3M's Model 1PLDES1300 4.5" x 3" Tyvek Plastic Pouch Desiccants (1800/Pail) and Model 1245 3/4X18 0.75" x 18 Yd. EMI Embossed Copper Shielding Tape. The Tyvek Plastic Pouch Desiccants are secured in a strong envelope of sulfur-free, non-woven plastic and help absorb airborne moisture left inside a vacuum-packaged bag. The EMI Embossed Copper Shielding Tape features an embossed 1-oz. copper foil backing with a pressure-sensitive aggressive adhesive and is used for applications that require EMI shielding on components, equipment, shielded rooms and more.

We’re sure you'll want to stock up and save on these excellent 3M items. Please visit our Clearance Center often as our selection changes on a regular basis. You never know what great deals you'll find there. For questions about any of these products, please contact us at 800-966-6020 or via email.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vision Engineering's Mantis Elite Cam: Integrated Digital Camera Allows Simultaneous Optical & Digital Viewing

Vision Engineering's Mantis Elite Cam is the third, and final, entry in our three-part series focusing on the Mantis line of stereo microscopes. Like the Mantis Compact and Mantis Elite, the Mantis Elite Cam is packed with impressive features and magnification options suited to various precision tasks.

The Mantis Elite Cam retains all of the features of the Mantis Elite and adds an internal digital camera for easy image capturing and documentation. Because it is identical to a standard Mantis Elite, the Elite Cam is compatible with all of the Mantis Elite options and configurations.


The factory-integrated and sealed digital USB 2.0 camera allows for simultaneous optical and digital viewing. In addition to the integrated digital camera, the Mantis Elite Cam includes a Mantis Elite optical head and free PC software, which allows for basic image capture in a number of formats including BMP, JPEG, and PNG.


Vision Engineering's patented eyepieceless technology is found on all of the Mantis models. It allows for the operator to have enhanced head movement and to wear glasses, if required. The Mantis Elite Cam also offers the Mantis Elite magnification options up to 20x and provides long working distances and large depths of field (see the Optical Data chart for more information).
Optical Data
Objective Lenses (Sold Separately) Working Distance Field of View
160 mm
57.0 mm
96 mm
34.0 mm
68 mm
23.0 mm
6x SLWD*
112 mm
20.0 mm
59 mm
17.0 mm
54 mm
13.5 mm
40 mm
8.8 mm
29 mm
6.5 mm
* Cannot be used together with 2x or 20x objective lens

Other money-saving and productivity enhancing features of the Mantis Elite Cam include:
  • Quick-change turret with 2x-20x magnification options, allows operators to switch between low-magnification inspection and high-magnification fine-detail applications
  • True-color, LED illumination provides more than 10,000 hours of shadow-free viewing
  • Illumination data: Mantis Elite Cam = 24 LEDs & 11,000 LUX, Substage (Bench Stand Only) = 13 LEDs & 1,200 - 4,000 LUX
  • Superb hand-eye coordination makes inspection and manipulation tasks simpler
  • Small footprint
  • Multiple stand options

MANTIS ELITE CAM ACCESSORIES & PACKAGES offers a number of objective lenses and special packages related to the Vision Engineering Mantis Elite Cam head unit. The special Q Source created packages include the MEHCAM-001/MEF-001US Mantis Elite-Cam Series Stereo Microscope Visual Inspection System w/Articulating Arm/Stand/C-Clamp & Integrated Digital Camera, the MEHCAM-001/MES-006US Mantis Elite-Cam Series Stereo Microscope Visual Inspection System w/Bench Stand & Integrated Digital Camera, and the MEHCAM-001/MES-005US Mantis Elite-Cam Series Stereo Microscope Visual Inspection System w/Universal Stand & Integrated Digital Camera.

That concludes our look at Vision Engineering's Mantis Series of stereo microscopes. For further details, or to place a non-Internet order for your own Mantis, please call (800-966-6020) or email us and one of our helpful Vision Engineering experts will be happy to assist you.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Expanded 3M Static Shielding & Conductive Bags Department on

To further meet your needs for static shielding and conductive bags to ship and protect sensitive electronic devices, has recently enhanced our product offerings with the addition of several genuine 3M Static Shielding & Conductive Bag items. Whether you need conductive, moisture barrier, puncture-resistant, or cushioned we now offer you a complete selection of 3M's industry-leading bags.

Our 3M Static Shielding & Conductive Bags Department now includes the following product series:

3M Conductive & Static Shielding Bags

3M Moisture Barrier Bags

  • 3M SCC Dri-Shield 2000 Moisture Barrier Bags - Dri-Shield 2000 Moisture Barrier Bags feature multiple layers of metallized polyester to provide puncture resistance and a moisture barrier. These economical dry bags are RoHS Compliant and lead-free. The Dri-Shield 2000 bags are strong, lightweight, heat sealable, and suitable for vacuum packaging. Moisture/ESD caution information and RoHS symbols are marked on each lot-coded, 3.6-mil bag.
  • 3M SCC Dri-Shield 2700 Moisture Barrier Bags - Dri-Shield 2700 Moisture Barrier Bags are static safe and provide moisture protection for sensitive items. They are perfect for packaging SMDs in trays, tape and reel, shipping tubes, and other items with sharp edges. The 7-mil SCC 2700 Bags are lead-free, RoHS compliant, and meet or exceed certain requirements of ANSI/ESD S541, EIA 625, and ANSI/ESD S20.20. These bags feature markings for ESD, moisture, RoHS, and are lot coded for traceability.
  • 3M SCC Dri-Shield 3000 Moisture Barrier Bags - Dri-Shield 3000 Moisture Barrier Bags were designed to provide maximum moisture protection for surface mount devices. Manufactured from static-dissipative nylon, aluminum foil, and static-dissipative polyethylene, these 6.1-mil bags offer very low MVTR and are suitable for vacuum packaging. The SCC 3000 Bags are RoHS compliant, lead-free, QC coded, and meet the electrical and physical requirements of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033, EIA 583, EIA 541, EIA 625, and EOS/ESD.
  • 3M SCC Dri-Shield 3400 Moisture Barrier Bags - Dri-Shield 3400 Moisture Barrier Bags were specially designed for high-volume applications are suitable for vacuum packaging. These 4-mil bags are strong, lightweight, heat sealable, and provide the barrier properties required by JEDEC specifications. The SCC 3400 is lead-free, RoHS compliant, and lot coded for QC traceability.
As an authorized 3M distributor, Q Source can offer the most complete selection of bags at competitive prices. For further information about our 3M bags, or to place an order, please visit our 3M Static Shielding and Conductive Bags Department at Our helpful experts can also assist you via phone (800-966-6020) or email.

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Save an Extra 10% OFF at with Our March Social Network Sale

We love helping our customers save money; especially when it's on items you really need. To that end, our monthly Social Networking Sale offer for March is 10% OFF everything at offers thousands of products in a number of categories such as Workbenches, Chairs & Industrial Furniture; Soldering, Desoldering & Rework; and Floor & Table Matting. Our 10% discount offer can be used on any of those including popular items like the Hakko FX-888D Digital Soldering Station, Vision Engineering's Mantis Elite Stereo Microscope, and great selections from our Featured Products Department.

Visit our Facebook Coupons page today and click on the Like button. Once you've done that you'll gain access to our 10% OFF discount and you'll be registered to take advantage of all future monthly sales after that. Please note: Our March Social Networking Sale offer ends on 3/31/13 and cannot be combined with other offers. Discount code valid only at