Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vision Engineering Mantis Elite Stereo Microscopes: A Myriad of Magnification Options for Precision Tasks

We continue our look at Vision Engineering's Mantis line with a focus on the Mantis Elite (see our previous look at the Mantis Compact model). The Mantis Elite Stereo Microscope is a high performance viewer created for a number of precision tasks requiring magnification.

Ergonomic & Optical Advantages

As with the Mantis Compact, Vision Engineering's Mantis Elite model also features their patented eyepieceless technology designed to promote enhanced head movement for the operator and the ability to wear glasses, if needed. And boasting magnification options up to 20x, the Elite can offer long working distances and large depths of field (please refer to the Optical Data chart below). These features, along with its 3-D imaging, create an ergonomic advantage that reduces eyes fatigue and helps increase productivity.
Optical Data
Objective Lenses (Sold Separately) Working Distance Field of View
160 mm
57.0 mm
96 mm
34.0 mm
68 mm
23.0 mm
6x SLWD*
112 mm
20.0 mm
59 mm
17.0 mm
54 mm
13.5 mm
40 mm
8.8 mm
29 mm
6.5 mm
* Cannot be used together with 2x or 20x objective lens

Vision Engineering's innovations in the Mantis line come together in the Elite model to offer a high-performance stereo viewer that saves you money and boosts productivity. The Elite's combination of optical advances and ergonomic design features include:
  • A quick-change turret with 2x-20x magnification options will allow users to switch between low-magnification inspection and high-magnification fine-detail tasks
  • More than 10,000 hours of shadow-free viewing via true-color, LED illumination
  • Illumination data: Mantis Elite = 24 LEDs & 11,000 LUX, Substage (Bench Stand Only) = 13 LEDs & 1,200 - 4,000 LUX
  • Improved productivity and increased throughput via superior ergonomics
  • Superb hand-eye coordination makes inspection and manipulation tasks simpler
  • Long working distances and large depth-of-field for easy sample manipulation and rework
  • Small footprint
  • Multiple stand options

Mantis Elite Accessories & Packages

A number of accessories and packages, in addition to the Mantis Elite head unit, are available at We have a selection of objective lenses and stands (including a universal stand for flexible simplicity and a bench stand for applications requiring more stability) ready to add to the head unit. Also, as with the Mantis Compact model, Q Source has put together two Mantis Elite packages for our Web site (the MEH-001/MES-005US Mantis Elite Series Stereo Microscope Visual Inspection System w/Universal Stand and the MEH-001/MES-006US Mantis Elite Series Stereo Microscope Visual Inspection System w/Bench Stand). Please note that these packages do not include an objective lens.

Our Vision Engineering Mantis Elite Visual Inspection Stereo Microscope page has all the information you need to make a purchase or learn more about these high-tech viewers. You can also visit our main Mantis Stereo Microscopes page. For additional assistance, please contact us by email or phone at 800-966-6020.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Transforming Technologies ESD Interlocking Tile Floor Mats: Cost-Effective Comfort & ESD Protection

Is this a typical scenario in your work area? Workers required to stand for long periods of time. ESD-sensitive items that need to be transported and protected in that work area. Transforming Technologies has combined their expertise in ESD with a high-quality floor mat to create their ESD Interlocking Tile PVC Floor Mats.


These PVC tiles were designed as an ergonomic flooring solution for use in the harsh conditions/heavy loads found in industrial environments and to provide comfort for workers who are on their feet all day. Transforming Technologies' Interlocking Floor Mats were manufactured to act as a spring through the use of their unique under structure called "compression columns." When weight is applied, this "spring" counters the negative effects of impact or prolonged standing. This technology is based on a proven ergonomic concept that increases user comfort.

ESD Safety

The other important feature of these floor tiles is their ESD properties. Manufactured to meet or exceed the standards of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and ESD 4.1, Transforming Technologies' ESD Interlocking Tiles have a surface resistivity between two points (RTT) of 1.0 x 106 to 5.0 x 108 ohms, which is the ideal dissipative range. When used with a common ESD control item (such as wrist straps, grounding cords, and footwear), these mats will safely dissipate or neutralize ESD charges.

Easy Installation & Cleaning

Because of the interlocking design of the tiles, installing and configuring a floor is relatively easy. The main floor section can be surrounded by black or high-visibility yellow, non-ESD ramp edging to provide a safe transition to the ESD area. A grounding plate and other wires or cables can be installed underneath the tile flooring. A typical cleaning regimen, sweeping, vacuuming, washing (with a mixture of 30% distilled water and 70% isopropyl alcohol, sprayed on and wiped with a clean cotton cloth), is appropriate to remove dirt or debris.

To learn more about these durable and reliable ESD Interlocking Tiles from Transforming Technologies please visit Our expert staff can also help you find everything you need to create a floor area specific to your needs. Please contact us at 800-966-6020 or via email.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Act Now & Save on Transforming Technologies MT 4500 Series Mats

We'd be shocked if you let this chance to save get away. There are just a few days left to get an EXTRA 10% OFF rolls of Transforming Technologies MT 4500 Series Two-Layer Rubber ESD Table Mats in our February Social Networking Sale.

These mats are made of a two-layer rubber material that meets or exceeds typical ESD standards and consists of a conductive bottom layer and a static-dissipative top layer. The eligible MT 4500 rolls are available in four colors (NASA Blue, Royal Blue, Green, and Gray) and four sizes (24" x 50' x .080", 30" x 50' x .080", 36" x 50' x .080", and 48" x 50' x .080"). These rolls allow you to cut the MT 4500 Mats to the size you require.

Add a layer of protection to your ESD workspace and save 10% while doing it. Just visit the Coupons tab of our Facebook page and "Like" us (if you haven't already). That one step will get you the code for 10% off this excellent Transforming Technologies product and set you up to access future monthly sales. Our February offer expires on 2/28/13 and cannot be combined with other offers.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Closer Look at CCI's Corstat Conductive Corrugated Material

Eliminating ESD from your manufacturing and handling processes is vital to creating a static-safe environment for workers and sensitive electronic devices. Conductive Containers Inc.'s (CCI) Corstat technology was created to help you meet this goal.

Corstat, first manufactured in 1978, has become an ESD solution for some of the biggest names in the Electronics, Defense, Automotive, Space, and Medical industries. Let's take a closer look at how this innovative technology addresses the challenges of ESD.

ESD Consistent Shielding
During the manufacturing process, a conductive shielding layer is applied to both sides of the Corstat corrugated paperboard material. This shielding layer is put-down at a 103 ohms to 104 ohms resistivity. CCI indicates that it is the combination of the shielding layers and the "air gap" locked between the layers that provides excellent ESD shielding that is better than industry standards. Materials that do not have the "air gap" will not perform as well. This is true of impregnated materials and solid conductive plastics. CCI believes it is much easier to control a product's ESD/electrical consistency during the coating process than it is by using loaded fiber materials to make ESD products.

Protective Sealer
After shielding layer is created, CCI also applies a proprietary sealing layer over the Corstat coatings. This is done with the aim of making Corstat the most effective conductive corrugated material available. This second coating accounts for several very important factors:
  • Controlled Discharge: Corstat raises the surface resistivity to 104 to 105 ohms to assure the material's surface will provide a slow enough drainage of static from a part that may have static build-up on it. This is done to protect delicate components from damage. The ESD standard for this function is 104 up to 1010 ohms.
  • Low Sulfur: This second coating also controls sulfur out-gassing. Regular brown corrugated paperboard is made using sulfur as a manufacturing agent, but sulfur residue can cause lead contamination and build up on sensitive parts and solder areas. According to CCI, their dissipative over coating controls/negates this affect and non-coated conductive corrugated does not offer this very important protection.
  • Clean Surface: Regular brown kraft or coated but "unsealed" conductive corrugated can generate particulates in the manufacturing environment. These Foreign Objects & Debris (FOD) are a major problem in the electronics industry. Corstat's protective layer provides the end user with what CCI calls the "cleanest conductive corrugated on the market."
  • Recyclable: Corstat is manufactured to be 100% Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) recyclable. OCC means that Corstat is the same as any brown box you might recycle at home. This is the largest family of recyclable corrugated items. The term "recyclable" can be misleading since it may simply mean that you can produce black roofing paper from it because you cannot remove the "black" color. The key is the OCC standard.
Physical Strength
CCI says that coated Corstat does not change the strength of the corrugated substrate, whereas other impregnated products might add enough carbon to the structure to weaken the physical properties of the corrugated material. Corstat is manufactured to provide stronger and longer lasting physical protection.

If you'd like to learn more about CCI's Corstat ESD packaging material line, or if you'd like to order a custom-designed ESD handling and shipping solution, please contact Q Source at 800-966-6020 or via email. Our helpful expert staff can help you find the best solution to meet your ESD protection needs.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vision Engineering Mantis Compact Stereo Microscopes: Low Cost, High Performance

Vision Engineering's Mantis line of high-performance magnification stereo microscopes offers three different state-of-the-art models (Mantis Compact, Mantis Elite, and Mantis Elite-Cam) with a variety of features perfect for a range of tasks. The Mantis Compact model provides a high-value, low-investment inspection stereo microscope that excels in the low-magnification range perfect for inspection, manipulation or rework applications.

One of the most important features of the Mantis Compact is Vision Engineering's patented eyepieceless technology (found on all three Mantis models), which provides an ergonomic advantage allowing the operator greater freedom of head movement and to wear glasses, if needed. Furthermore, the Compact features simple 3-D viewing that shows the apparent distance to the viewed object image identical to that of the real object, cutting out the need for refocusing, and minimizing eye fatigue (please see the Optical Data chart below). These innovations lead to increased productivity.

Optical Data
Objective Lenses (Sold Separately) Working Distance Field of View
6.57" (167 mm)
1.77" (45 mm)
3.78" (96 mm)
1.08" (27.5 mm)
2.87" (73 mm)
0.76" (19.2 mm)
2.3" (58.5 mm)
0.56" (14.3 mm)

Designed to offer a low price to high performance ratio, the Mantis Compact boasts a myriad of modern developments in optical technology and ergonomics that allow the users’ hands and eyes to work together for greater efficiency and accuracy. These features include:

  • 2x, 4x, 6x & 8x quick-change magnification options for clear, sharp images
  • True color, LED illumination provides more than 10,000 hours of shadow-free viewing
  • Illumination data: Mantis Compact = 20 LEDs & 9,400 LUX, Substage (Bench Stand Only) = 13 LEDs & 1,200 - 4,000 LUX
  • Improved productivity and increased throughput via superior ergonomics
  • Superb hand-eye coordination makes inspection and manipulation tasks simpler
  • Long working distances and large depth of field for easy sample manipulation and rework
  • Small footprint
In addition to the Mantis Compact head unit, there are a number of objective lenses and stands available (including the Universal Arm, which offers simplicity and flexibility; the Articulated Arm, which is for extended reach applications; the Rigid Bench Stand, which provides added stability and substage illumination options; and the Floor Stand with Articulated Arm, which allows for inspection of immobile subjects). Q Source has also created two Mantis Compact packages (the Vision Engineering Mantis Compact Series Stereo Microscope Visual Inspection System w/Universal Stand and the Vision Engineering Mantis Compact Series Stereo Microscope Visual Inspection System w/Bench Stand) available at These packages do not include an objective lens.

For further information, or to purchase, a Vision Engineering Mantis Compact Visual Inspection Stereo Microscope head unit or one of our Mantis Compact packages, please visit or contact us via email or at 800-966-6020. Our experienced associates will be happy to assist you in building the exact Mantis Compact to suit your needs.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Transforming Technologies MT 4500 Series Mats: Save 10% on a Quality ESD Solution

If you're working with sensitive electronic devices you know the importance of being ESD safe. Our February Social Networking Sale is focused on providing you with excellent savings on a top-notch ESD solution. Save an EXTRA 10% OFF rolls of Transforming Technologies MT 4500 Series Two-Layer Rubber ESD Table Mats.

Created to meet or exceed the requirements of the ANSI ESD-S20.20 standard (and also the recommendations of ESD 4.1), these 0.08" thick MT Series Mats feature a 2-ply rubber construction of a conductive bottom layer and a static-dissipative top layer with ESD specifications of 8 x 106-8 ohms resistance to ground, 2 x 106-8 ohms resistance point to point, and 0.01 seconds charge decay (5kV to 50V). The MT 4500 rolls eligible for our discount offer are available in four colors (Nasa Blue, Royal Blue, Green, and Gray) and four sizes (24" x 50' x .080", 30" x 50' x .080", 36" x 50' x .080", and 48" x 50' x .080").

All you need to do to take advantage of this money-saving offer is "Like" us on our Facebook Coupons page (if you haven’t already). After you've done that, you'll have access to the discount code for all of our subsequent monthly offers. The EXTRA 10% OFF offer on rolls of Transforming Technologies MT 4500 Series Two-Layer Rubber ESD Table Mats expires on 2/28/13 and cannot be combined with other offers.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Unitron 15854 LED Ring Light: Economic, Earth-Friendly Illumination for Stereo Microscopes

When viewing electronics, circuit boards, or highly reflective specimens with a stereo microscope, a quality LED ring light is a must. Unitron's LED Ring Light Illuminator for Stereo Microscopes (Model 15854) was created as an economic solution for users seeking to switch from the older fluorescent, fiber-optic, or halogen lights to a more earth-friendly LED light.

The Unitron 15854 LED Ring Light was manufactured to fit any stereo microscope with a diameter of 60 mm or less. While the 15854 model fits most currently manufactured stereo microscopes, it may need a special adapter to fit older models.

This ESD-safe and RoHS-compliant LED Ring Light Illuminator features sectional lighting control, which allows users to control the light from four individual sections. Other impressive specifications include:

  • Ten-step variable intensity light control with 72 LED bulbs
  • 60.5 mm inner diameter
  • 6400 Kelvin color temperature
  • 10,000-hour lamp life
  • AC900-265v 50/60Hz power supply
  • 12v 400mA output

The Unitron 15854 LED Ring Light Illuminator for Stereo Microscopes is available at, along with a variety of other quality Unitron Ring Lights. For questions and further information about these products, please contact Q Source at 800-966-6020 or by email.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

3M Electronic & HEPA Vacuums: Powerful & Efficient Cleaning

Cleaning business equipment (including toner and dust) and dealing with hazardous material requires quality, professional tools. 3M's line of electronic/HEPA vacuums and accessories were designed for high-efficiency cleanup of a number of tasks.

3M's selection of Electronic Vacuums, perfect for use in an office environment and the electronics marketplace, includes the 120-volt 497AJM, the 220-volt 497ABF, and the 120-volt (Retail Packaging) 497AJM-R models. All three models, available from, feature the following characteristics:
  • 1-hp, 6-amp motor
  • Detachable power cord makes for convenient storage
  • Easy to service (motor is quickly changed out)
  • Rapidly dissipates static charge through conductive housing and attachments
  • At less than nine pounds it is lightweight and easy to setup
  • Type 2 Filter
  • Plastic 10' hose
  • Full line of attachments includes: crevice tool, stretch hose, brush & wand
3M's 497AJK HEPA Vacuum also carries 3M's 120-volt, 1-horsepower 497AJK HEPA Vacuum. This HEPA model offers quick and easy setup and operation with the added benefit of portability. Made for handling hazardous materials with its included HEPA filter, the vacuum also ships with a crevice brush, crevice nozzle, curved wand nozzle, 10' stretch hose, and a detachable power cord.

Please visit our Web site for all your 3M vacuum equipment and accessories. We also offer an extensive selection of 3M ESD, labeling, and tape products. Q Source is your 3M resource.

For additional information, contact one of our experienced associates at 800-966-6020 or via email.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Q Source's Clearance Center: Save Big on the Items You Need

Everyone loves to save money; especially on the things they really need. With that in mind, we created the Clearance Center at

Our Clearance Center offers great deals on dozens of in-stock, ready-to-ship items from a wide variety of categories. For instance, this Pos-A-Loc Needle Flux Bottle for Rosin Flux from Plato is just $2.67 and this MG Electronics Triple Lens Magnifier Lamp is a great value at $46.65. Among our other items you'll find anti-static ESD solutions, tapes & adhesives, hand tools, and testing equipment often at discounts of 25% or more.

Q Source's list of Clearance Center items changes often and features many industry-leading brands including Lindstrom Precision Tools, Static Solutions, Techspray, and the recently added Avery, CleanTex, Elkay Plastics, MG Electronics, and TE Connectivity. Check back often for new quality items at excellent low prices.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Weller's WX Series Soldering Stations: Powerful Soldering, Intelligent Design

Our friends at Weller recently paid a visit to the Q Source headquarters. And, boy, did they ever bring us a couple of cool, new items to play with: The WX1 Single-Channel Soldering Station and the WX2 Two-Channel Soldering Station.

These two new ESD-safe soldering stations from Weller feature a variety of options, many of which were inspired by customer feedback. The main difference between the two is that the WX1 accepts one tool (e.g., a soldering iron) at a time, while the WX2 accepts two tools (soldering irons, tweezers, etc.). Each model has identical temperature range (adjustable temperature range varies among tools (100°C – 450° C | 200° F – 850° F)), temperature accuracy (+/- 9° C (+/- 17° F)), and temperature stability (+/- 6° C (+/- 10° F)).

Looking at these units, you immediately notice the solid, German-built craftsmanship and that trademark Weller blue color. Turning these stations on reveals a pleasant, blue LED back-lit touchscreen (made of anti-static, chemical- and temperature-resistant glass) with LCD text, which is viewable from all angles. The units are easily controlled by six touch keys and the radius finger guide that provides turn-and-click navigation. Tool temperatures are quickly and easily selected via these touch buttons and dial-like radius control.

A closer look at the screen reveals a slew of important information including which tool is plugged into the unit, what the current temperature setting is, and what preset temperature options are available. The WX2 unit is similar, except it displays information for both attached tools.

The front of the soldering station features a convenient layout of three ports (four on the WX2). First there is/are the tool receptacle(s) with quick-change connectors for attaching soldering irons, tweezers, etc. Next, we have the RJ45 port (a second one is on the back of the unit) to manage fume extractors, heating plates, etc. And, finally, a new feature is a multi-purpose USB port for quick firmware updates, data logging, and parameter configuration.

Weller's goal with these stations is to keep the cost of ownership down by helping you conserve energy and providing a system that features intelligent power management (such as the WX-Series handpieces that automatically detect movement and wake the base unit from the user-programmable sleep mode). Along with powerful soldering and an extensive degree of tool compatibility, the WX Series Stations boast the following features and benefits:
  • 200/240W Total Power – The WX1 supports operation of one 200W tool; the WX2 supports simultaneous operation of two 120W tools
  • Global Language Support – Display multiple languages via the menu
  • Automatic Energy Saving Mode – On most models, the user can select a stand-by mode through visual process control via blue LED light ring (light on = heater on, light off = heater off)
  • Increased Accuracy –The pencil’s digital sensor is optimized at short range for peak performance
  • Programmable Read and Write Memory – Allows for quick tool exchange and soldering station adjustments are reduced now offers the full selection of WX1 and WX2 Soldering Stations and their packages:
  • Weller WX1 (Q Source #: C010-000716) - WX Series 200W Single-Channel Soldering Station
  • Weller WX2 (Q Source #: C010-000717) - WX Series 240W Two-Channel Soldering Station
  • Weller WX1010 (Q Source #: C010-000712) - WX1 Digital Soldering Station w/WXP120 Soldering Iron & WDH51 Stand, ESD-Safe, 120W
  • Weller WX1011 (Q Source #: C010-000713) - WX1 Digital Soldering Station w/WXMP-MS Soldering Iron & WDH51 Stand, ESD-Safe, 40W
  • Weller WX1012 (Q Source #: C010-000714) - WX1 Digital Soldering Station w/WXP65 Soldering Iron & WDH10 Stand, ESD-Safe, 65W
  • Weller WX2020 (Q Source #: C010-000666) - WX2 Digital Soldering Station w/2 WXP120 Soldering Irons & WDH10 Stands, ESD-Safe, 120W
  • Weller WX2021 (Q Source #: C010-000715) - WX2 Digital Soldering Station w/WXMP-MS Soldering Iron/WXMT-MS Desoldering Iron & Stands, 40/80W
In addition to these Weller Soldering Stations, we also have a wide choice of WX1/WX2-compatible Tips, (RT Series, XNT Series, XT Series, RTW Series), Soldering Irons (WXMP Micro Soldering Iron with WDH51 Tool Stand, WXP65 Soldering Iron with WDH10 Tool Stand, WXP120 Soldering Iron with WDH10 Tool Stand, WXP200 Soldering Iron with WDH31 Tool Stand) and other products. To place an order for the Weller WX1/WX2 Soldering Stations, or for more information, please visit or contact us via email or at 800-966-6020.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Swanstrom's M403EC M-Series Cutters: Versatility & Power at a Great Price

We've told you about Swanstom's top-quality M-Series Medical Grade Cutters in a previous first-look blog. Then we followed that up with a blog about how to choose the right cutter for the job. This time we're focusing on an individual tool in the series: The Swanstrom M403EC M-Series Flush Cutters.

The M403EC Cutters (Q Source SKU: S007-000386) is a 5.60"-long, ESD-safe, Small Carbide Tapered Fine Tip Diagonal Cutter designed for use in medical manufacturing, but suitable for other hard-wire applications. With a jaw length of 0.30" and tip thickness of 0.04", these cutters are great for challenging applications such as:
  • Guide Wires (Applicable cutters based on material composition and diameter size)
  • Stents (Applicable cutters based on wire diameter)
  • Catheters (Applicable cutters based on material composition and diameter size)
  • Stylists (Applicable cutters based on material composition and diameter size)
  • Braided Mesh (Applicable cutters include most carbides and the small, tapered, non-carbide models with flush and super-flush edges)
  • Single/Multiple Filers (Most models are applicable for single filers; applicable cutters for multiple filers with a special hone are limited)
  • Lateral/Internal Cuts (Applicable cutters for lateral cuts are based on material composition; specific models for internal cuts are based on the interior dimensions of the coils)
The high-quality Swanstrom M403EC Cutters provide durability and dependability for precision cutting results of a number of materials including:
  • Copper
  • Kovar
  • Nickel
  • Stainless
  • Platinum
  • Tungsten
Swanstrom's excellent M403EC Cutters are in stock and ready to ship today. And with our great, low price you can stock up for entire production departments and still save big. To place an order, please visit or contact us by phone (800-966-6020) or email and one of our expert sales associates will be happy to help you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weller WX Series Digital Touch-Screen Soldering Stations: "On the Bench" Video

We recently had a visit by Tom Krisulewicz of Weller Tools. Tom brought in the new Weller WX2 Soldering Station and gave us an overview of the lineup of Weller WX Series Digital Touch-Screen Soldering Stations.

Weller's WX Series Soldering Stations provide high-powered performance to control a variety of tools, while keeping energy costs down with programmable sleep modes and quick temperature adjustments. The WX2 model shown in our video is a dual-channel soldering station, while the WX1 is also available as a single-channel soldering station.

To learn more about, or purchase, any of the Weller WX Series Soldering Stations and accessories please visit Our Web site also features a large selection of other Weller Tools soldering solutions.

Don't forget to look out for new "On the Bench" videos at and on our YouTube channel.

Save 20% on 3M's Single Wire Continuous Monitors at Q Source

3M™'s wrist strap workstation monitoring systems provide peace of mind and save you the time of manual monitoring. Now, they'll save you money as well. From now until April 30, 2013, save 20% off our regular list price on 3M's Single Wire Continuous Monitors.

Providing automatic monitoring of the connection integrity of the entire ground loop, the 3M WSMONITOR1 (Q Source SKU: S036-000096), WSMONITOR2 (Q Source SKU: S036-000446), and WSMONITOR3 (Q Source SKU: S036-000447) are compatible with most standard wrist straps. Completely automatic, these systems activate when a wrist strap is plugged into the unit. The monitors display a green light for a safe condition and alert you to an unsafe condition with a red light and tone.

3M's WSMONITOR3 Wrist Strap Monitor
All three units feature a 6.5 megohms trip level, single wire impedance, and include a 120VAC adapter. The 3M WSMONITOR1 Single Wire Wrist Strap Monitor (0.88" x 1.75" x 1.25") tests one wrist strap/person. The 3M WSMONITOR2 Wrist Strap Monitor (1" x 2.4" x 2.3") tests one wrist strap/person and the bench mat. And the 3M WSMONITOR3 Wrist Strap Monitor (1" x 4" x 2.4") tests two wrist straps/people and the bench mat.

Visit Q Source's 3M Single Wire Continuous Monitors page to place an order. You can also contact us via email or at 800-966-6020. offers hundreds of other 3M static control products.

Please note: 3M strongly urges that, before using this product, you must evaluate it and determine if it is suitable for your intended application. You assume all risks and liability associated with such use.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Excelta Presents the Evolution of Tweezers: "On the Bench" Video

The history of tweezers goes back more than one hundred years, with most people thinking they are just these pointy little metal things. Jim LaFrance, of Excelta Corporation, recently stopped by our office to clear up that misconception and give us a quick lesson on the evolution of tweezers.

Excelta knows tweezers and Jim filled us in on their development, over the past twenty-five years, of new tweezers to meet emerging applications. He began by showing us standard precision-point tweezers and miniature tweezers, moving on to specialized tools like wafer handling tweezers, replaceable tip tweezers, surface mount tweezers, and cutting tweezers, then finishing up with the latest ergonomic tweezers with ESD-safe grips.

To learn more about, or purchase, any of the more than 360 Excelta Tweezers we offer, please visit Our Web site also features a large selection of other Excelta products including their wire cutters and pliers.

Don't forget to look out for new "On the Bench" videos at and on our YouTube channel.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Shock-Free Savings on Transforming Technologies MT 4500 Series Mats

Each month our Social Networking Sale offers shockingly good discounts. February's offer is meant to protect you from shocks, but impress you with savings. This month get an EXTRA 10% OFF rolls of the MT 4500 Series Two-Layer Rubber ESD Table Mats from Transforming Technologies.

These MT Series mats are made of durable, 2-ply rubber with a conductive bottom layer and a static-dissipative top layer offering outstanding electrical performance specifications that meet or exceed requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and the recommendations of ESD 4.1. The 4500 Series mats eligible for our February offer include four roll sizes (24" x 50' x .080", 30" x 50' x .080", 36" x 50' x .080", and 48" x 50' x .080") in four colors (NASA Blue, Royal Blue, Green, and Gray). For example, the MT4524B Mat roll is NASA Blue and 24" x 50' x .080". You can check out all of the eligible mats at the Transforming Technologies MT 4500 Series Mats section of

So, save on this quality ESD product by heading over to our Facebook Coupons page and clicking the "Like" button (if you haven't already). You'll then get the discount code for 10% OFF Transforming Technologies' rolls of MT 4500 Series Mats at and be registered to access all future monthly discount codes. Our February sale ends on 2/28/13 and cannot be combined with other offers.