Friday, August 23, 2013

The Best of Q Source's "On the Bench" How-to Videos

Q Source's YouTube Channel debuted our "On the Bench" video series back in April of 2011. On the Bench was created to be a series of product previews, demos, workflow solutions, and how-to's to provide our customers with the information needed to make better buying decisions. Our how-to and workflow solutions videos aim to help viewers get their jobs done easier.

We wanted to take a quick look at a few of our best how-to videos so far. From stereo microscopes to wire shelving units, we've offered some handy how-to’s and teachable tips.

How to Properly Focus a Stereo Microscope

In "How to Properly Focus a Stereo Microscope with the Unitron Z10 Series," Peter Indrigo of Unitron provided us with a great how-to on how to properly set up and focus a stereo microscope. Using Unitron's Z10 Zoom Stereo Microscope, Peter shows how easy it is to attain proper focus and avoid eyestrain.

Setting Up a 3M Model 724 Constant ESD Workstation Monitor

Our "3M Model 724 Constant ESD Workstation Monitor" video presents 3M rep David Leventhal demonstrating how to use and set up the Model 724 ESD Workstation Monitor. David explains how this unit continuously monitors the resistance of the operator and work surface ground connections.

Assembling a Metro Super Adjustable 2™ Super Erecta® Mobile Wire Shelving Unit

Two of our Q Source staff got together to help us with a "Metro Super Adjustable 2™ Super Erecta® Mobile Wire Shelving Unit Assembly." This step-by-step video shows just how easy it is to build your own Metro Mobile Shelving Cart.

Barcode Printing

Brady's BMP71 Portable Label Printer is a versatile printer. In our "Printing Barcodes with the Brady BMP71" video, we show you how to easily create and print a variety of barcodes.

Dimension 4 Assembly

Ever wonder how to build an IAC Dimension 4 Workbench? One of our Territory Account Specialists shows how easy it is in this "IAC Dimension 4 Workbench Assembly" On the Bench video.

Using Akro-Mils Bins for 5S/Lean

Akro-Mils offers many products for 5S and Lean. This "Akro-Mils Indicator™ Bins for 5S Process & Lean Manufacturing" video demonstrates how these two-toned BinTelligence Series bins help you "Stock, Pick, Flip, and Replenish."

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

AIM-ing to Learn More About Solder: AIM Solder’s Tim O'Neill Trains Q Source Staff

AIM Solder's Tim O'Neill
Tim O'Neill, Regional Sales Manager for AIM Solder, stopped by Q Source yesterday to help us continue our regular product training regimen. Tim spoke to us about AIM Solder products and solder in general.

Beginning his session by stating, "It's in everything you have that has an on-off switch," Tim took us through the history of AIM and of solder (did you know that King Tut's sarcophagus was soldered). He went on to speak about surface mount soldering, wave soldering, hand soldering, flux, and which AIM Solder product worked best with each application.

To further help us to be able to help you choose the correct solder, Tim provided us with a list of questions that aim (pun intended) to narrow your choice down to the correct product solution. For instance, here are some questions regarding solder paste that your answers to will help us suggest the perfect selection for your process:
  1. Is it a tin-lead or lead-free application?
  2. Do you need no-clean or water soluble?
  3. Is it for a dispensing application?
  4. Is it for printing or rework applications?
  5. Are you using solder paste or gel flux?
  6. Are you using SAC305, Sn/Bi & Sn/Bi/Ag, or SN100C?
  7. Are you using SN100C & low-AG alloys or SAC305?
We want to thank Tim for his time and for sharing his extensive knowledge of AIM Solder products and the soldering process. The information provided to us will most definitely be a valuable tool in better serving our valued customers.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Q Source Staff Member Delivers Keynote Speech at Young Autism Program Charitable Event

Dan Olawski delivers keynote address at
Young Autism Program Charitable Foundation
Annual Dinner/Dance
At Q Source we take great pride in the quality of our employees. Everyone at Q is committed to providing the best customer service experience possible, but there are some who go much further than that. Many of the folks at Q Source offer their own time, talent, and expertise to contribute in very meaningful ways in their communities or to raise awareness on important social issues. Dan Olawski, resident blogger and social media guru, is one of those people.

More used to writing blogs than giving speeches, Dan recently delivered the keynote address at the Young Autism Program Charitable Foundation (YAPCF) of DDI's Annual Dinner/Dance here on Long Island. Reflecting on his experiences as an autism parent and the need for autism education and awareness, Dan spoke to an audience of about 400 parents, teachers, and administrators gathered for the fundraising event.

"I'd never spoken in front of that many people before and was extremely nervous. But I relaxed after I realized how important the topic was to me…and getting my first laugh at one of my jokes didn't hurt either," he said.

Dan has worked at Q Source since 2010. In addition to his blogging and social media work for The Q Source Resource Blog and, his spare time is spent contributing to the Autism Society's blog and his own personal blog where he talks about his experiences and offers his insights on being an autism parent. Dan has had a passion for autism awareness and advocacy ever since his young son with autism was a student in the YAP program.

Autism is a multifaceted developmental disorder that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language, communication skills, and rigid, repetitive behaviors. Autism includes a wide spectrum of symptoms and levels of impairment. There is currently no cure for autism.

The Young Autism Program (YAP) was created in 1995 as an experimental program with the goal of returning autistic children to regular kindergarten by age six. It is one of the most intensive programs of its kind in the U.S. The YAP Charitable Foundation was formed by YAP parents in 1999 to privately raise funds to supplement the unique educational needs of children enrolled in the Young Autism Program. The Annual Dinner/Dance is their largest fundraising event of the year. Previous Dinner/Dance guest speakers have included state and local representatives, researchers, and other autism parents.

"Being asked to speak at the YAP Dinner/Dance was an incredible honor," Dan said. "Many parents of autistic children go through similar experiences as I have and to see the audience's reactions to my speech was very touching and one of the most incredible and inspirational feelings I've ever had."

Everyone at Q Source would like to congratulate Dan for being asked to deliver the keynote at this important event. We're all very proud of your hard work and devotion to this very important subject. Keep up the inspiring work!