Thursday, August 8, 2013

AIM-ing to Learn More About Solder: AIM Solder’s Tim O'Neill Trains Q Source Staff

AIM Solder's Tim O'Neill
Tim O'Neill, Regional Sales Manager for AIM Solder, stopped by Q Source yesterday to help us continue our regular product training regimen. Tim spoke to us about AIM Solder products and solder in general.

Beginning his session by stating, "It's in everything you have that has an on-off switch," Tim took us through the history of AIM and of solder (did you know that King Tut's sarcophagus was soldered). He went on to speak about surface mount soldering, wave soldering, hand soldering, flux, and which AIM Solder product worked best with each application.

To further help us to be able to help you choose the correct solder, Tim provided us with a list of questions that aim (pun intended) to narrow your choice down to the correct product solution. For instance, here are some questions regarding solder paste that your answers to will help us suggest the perfect selection for your process:
  1. Is it a tin-lead or lead-free application?
  2. Do you need no-clean or water soluble?
  3. Is it for a dispensing application?
  4. Is it for printing or rework applications?
  5. Are you using solder paste or gel flux?
  6. Are you using SAC305, Sn/Bi & Sn/Bi/Ag, or SN100C?
  7. Are you using SN100C & low-AG alloys or SAC305?
We want to thank Tim for his time and for sharing his extensive knowledge of AIM Solder products and the soldering process. The information provided to us will most definitely be a valuable tool in better serving our valued customers.

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