Friday, October 7, 2016

Lgi Cleanroom Labels Added to has recently added Lgi Cleanroom Labels to our Labeling & Identification offerings. Lgi, known for their CleanMark® labels, are innovative experts in label manufacturing and print technology.

Lgi CleanMark labels can be customized for size and used with either direct thermal or thermal transfer printers. They’re built to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures, harsh chemical solvents, and physical abrasion. They feature the ability to indicate sterilization processes, such as autoclaving; may be pre-sterilized, and will not contaminate clean or sterile environments with particulates, outgassing, or microbes. CleanMark labels will firmly adhere to or easily peel from challenging surfaces.

Lgi’s CleanMark line of labels are easy-to-move, can be printed on with cleanroom pens or by any standard thermal transfer printer, and includes:
  • CleanMark Labels
  • CleanMark EZ-Peel Cleanroom Labels
  • CleanMark Printers & Ribbons
  • CleanMark Autoclave Labels
  • CleanMark Cryogenic Labels
  • CleanMark High Temperature Labels
As mentioned, Lgi’s CleanMark labels can be customized for size, adhesion, type, and removability. If you have specific requirements, please contact one of our cleanroom specialist for further assistance by calling 800-966-6020. Please consider the following when requesting a customized label:
  • For what cleanroom classification will your labels be used?
  • Is pre-sterilization required?
  • Are extreme temperatures a possibility?
  • Will there be chemical or solvent or exposure?
  • Do you need your labels to cycle through changing environments?
  • What type of surface will your labels adhere to (flat, cylindrical, conical, material, etc.)?
  • Do you need permanent or removable labels?
  • Do you need blank or pre-printed labels?
  • What type of printer (thermal transfer, direct thermal, or Laser) will be used?

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