Thursday, March 31, 2016

Top 12 Advantages of Vision Engineering’s Eyepiece-Less Stereo Microscopes

Vision Engineering offers a supreme ergonomic advantage. Using their advanced technology, such as Vision Engineering’s Eyepiece-less Stereo Microscopes, increases user comfort and leads to higher levels of accuracy and efficiency. With that in mind, here are the Top 12 Advantages of Vision Engineering’s Eyepiece-Less Stereo Microscopes:
  1. Reduces strain by liberating users from a fixed working position
  2. Allows for natural upright body posture, which increases user comfort
  3. Provides an entirely natural view of the subject by allowing ambient light to enter the eyes
  4. Allows users to wear prescription or safety glasses
  5. Next to no set-up required, which means no fiddly eyepieces to configure for each user
  6. Eyepiece-less technology provides users with better peripheral vision for tasks requiring hand-eye coordination
  7. Enhanced 3D depth perception via freedom of head movement allows stunning image quality
  8. Comfortable operators equals greater levels of accuracy for longer periods of time
  9. Minimizes strain-related injuries and/or healthcare costs associated with prolonged microscope use
  10. Superior performance improves fault detection and reduces costly mistakes
  11. Happy workers are productive workers
  12. Show your customers you have the best inspection capabilities and gain the competitive advantage carries a complete line of Vision Engineering products, including their eyepiece-less Mantis series of stereo microscopes.

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