Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stay Grounded w/Transforming Technologies ESD Socks

Transforming Technologies continues to develop new, innovative ESD protection products. Their new ESD Socks provide an effective way to ground personnel if wrist straps are not an option.

Transforming Technologies ESD Socks are meant to be worn with ESD shoes and ESD flooring. ESD socks provide good contact between the user and ESD footwear, which is needed for a proper path-to-ground. Transforming Technologies’ socks have conductive hotspots woven into the ball and heel to ensure a strong connection to the skin. (For a system to be effective, ESD flooring and footwear must have a low enough resistance to allow voltage from operator to flow to ground.)

Manufactured with polyester, spandex, and conductive yarn, these ESD socks have a resistance of less than 103 (on the gray heel and toe hotspots) and are available from in small (up to size 8), medium (8-12), and large (12+) sizes.

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