Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weller's New Consumer Soldering Irons: High-Performance Soldering PLUS Lights!

How do you make a Weller high-performance soldering iron even cooler? You add LED lights to it! Among the impressive specs of the new "red dot" Design award-winning Weller High-Performance Consumer Soldering Irons are the three built-in, temperature-resistant LEDs that deliver light to the application.

Available in four wattage models (15, 25, 40, and 80) and six packages (the 25- and 40-watt irons are available in kits), Weller's new soldering irons offer light-, standard-, medium-, and heavy-duty solutions. The new irons offer a low-cost entry into soldering for DIY and hobbyists.

Weller added the superior-life LED technology to their Consumer Soldering Irons to respond to customer feedback for application illumination. The three high-intensity LEDs provide 30-degree focused light at 25 Lumens/ft2 light intensity with no tip shadowing. With a flashlight strength beam length, these powerful LEDs eliminate the need for an alternate light source.

These innovative new products, the Weller SP15NUS 15-Watt High-Performance Light-Duty LED Soldering Iron, the SP25NUS 25-Watt High-Performance Standard-Duty LED Soldering Iron, the SP25NKUS 25-Watt High-Performance Standard-Duty LED Soldering Iron Kit, the SP40NUS 40-Watt High-Performance Medium-Duty LED Soldering Iron, the SP40NKUS 40-Watt High-Performance Medium-Duty LED Soldering Iron Kit, and the Weller SP80NUS 80-Watt High-Performance Heavy-Duty LED Soldering Iron all share the following common features:

  • Three high-temperature, long-life, 5 mm LEDs (at 25 lumens/ft2) that provide enhanced soldering accuracy and application illumination
  • A co-molded, soft-grip ribbed handle design that reduces slippage and maximizes comfort
  • The round handle and triangular area work together for ease of tip rotation and greater tip control
  • Stainless-steel, high-performance heater technology
  • An industry-leading 7-year warranty
  • A cord strain relief for extended life
  • UL Listed – cUL available

The irons differ in their heat ratings (the 15-watt and 25-watt models provide heat up to 750° F, the 40-watt goes to 900° F, and the 80-watt reaches 950° F), and in their recommended application use. Please see the chart below for tips on Choosing the Right Soldering Tool:

Part Number: SP15N SP25N SP40N SP80N
Duty: Light Duty Standard Duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty
Power: 15 Watts 25 Watts 40 Watts 80 Watts
Soldering Wire Connections: <18 AWG 0.04" dia <12 AWG 0.08" dia <8 AWG 0.13" dia <4 AWG 0.20" dia
Compatible Tips: S5 (included), S3, S31, S32 MT1 (included), MT2, MT3, HK11 MT10 (included), ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, ST5, ST6, ST7, ST8, HK12 MTG20 (included), MTG21, MTG22
Microcomponents, Electronic Kits, Low-Voltage Wiring: ο x x
Printed Circuit Boards, Radio Controlled, Indoor Lighting: ο ο x
Hobby Models, Small Applicance, Small Engine Repair, Crafts: x ο x
Audio Systems, Electrical, Marine, Jewelry, Automotive: x x ο
Heat Sink, Ground Plane, Metal Art, Plumbing: x x x
Choose the Right Soldering Tool: • = Recommended, ο = Acceptable, x = Not Recommended
* IMPORTANT: Use only Weller tips

Weller Consumer Soldering Irons include an appropriate tip, iron stand, and user manual. The two kit versions include those items plus a soldering aid tool, lead-free solder, and two spare tips.

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