Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Training Ourselves to Better Serve You

For almost thirty years, we’ve aimed at being a solution-providing resource for our customers. One of the best ways we know how to do that is to be product experts. With that in mind, we’ve recently stepped up our in-house and off-site training sessions so that we can be even more qualified in making product suggestions to precisely fit your application needs.

The Techspray Roadshow

A Techspray representative speaks about
cleaning products for electronic assembly.
Two of our Territory Account Specialists, Jason Kuhlken and Diane Semple, recently attended the Techspray Roadshow hosted by ACI Technologies in Philadelphia. ACI is a premier testing and training facility for electronic assembly. Techspray is a leading developer of cleaners, coatings, and other safety-/performance-oriented chemicals and tools. Utilizing the latest equipment, they provided a perfect training ground for attendees to work with Techspray (and Plato) products in a real-world environment.

Our Account Specialists received an overview of cleaning applications (ranging from industrial degreasing to PCB defluxing), learned about the pros and cons of various cleaning methods, and were able to experience hands-on testing of the cleaning ability, spray force, usability, and plastic sensitivity of Techspray products.

In addition to sending our staff to on-location training sessions, we’ve arranged for a comprehensive schedule of in-house sessions to be attended by our entire crew. So far, these training sessions have included visits by reps from 3M, Unitron, and Elwood PCA/ADE, Inc.

3M on Static Control

3M rep David Leventhal & 3M’s Joe Gantner
talk about static control.
Appropriate solutions for static control can sometimes be confusing to nail down. With variables like environment, materials, and applications plus the concepts of conductive, static-dissipative, and ESD-safe options, well, finding the exact protective products can be challenging for the untrained. Our 3M rep, David Leventhal, and 3M’s Joe Gantner (Northeast Regional Manager), stopped by to put it all in perspective for us.

Starting with the basics about electrostatic discharge, electrical over-stress, etc., Leventhal and Gantner showed us how static is generated, the major problems caused by static, the types of damage to electronics, and all the shocking truths about ESD. Using their top-quality 3M static-control solutions, they demonstrated the different protective characteristics of static bags, the specific uses of ESD mats, and the importance of using continuous monitors.

Zooming Into Stereo Microscopes with Unitron

Unitron’s Peter D. Indrigo demonstrates parfocality.
One of our favorite application categories here at Q Source is microscopy/visual inspection. We understand the importance of using the correct tools whether you’re doing quality control, biological, or other detailed tasks. Peter D. Indrigo, Senior Vice President of Unitron, visited our office a couple weeks ago to help us enhance our knowledge of stereo microscopes, visual inspection systems, and more.

Indrigo brought a wide range of stereo microscopes and inspection systems along with him to provide us with a truly visual, hands-on training session. We began with the basic terms and anatomy of a stereo microscope and watched how all of the pieces fit together to influence field of view, magnification, and working distance. We learned about parfocality and the common accessories (such as ring lights, C-mounts, and reticles) that help create a powerful visual inspection system. Thanks to Mr. Indrigo we have a clearer focus on the topic.

PCA & ADE on the ABCs of Packaging

Tony Castellano (PCA) & Mike Marino (ADE)
discuss flexible packaging.
Our most recent visitors, Tony Castellano of Elwood PCA & Mike Marino of ADE, Inc., came in to discuss ESD protective packaging and other options related to storing and protecting sensitive devices. PCA (Packaging Corporation of America) and ADE are providers of packaging solutions for the industrial and consumer markets.

Castellano and Marino displayed a myriad of packaging options for static-sensitive devices and explained the importance of using the right material for categories like conductive/dissipative, anti-static shielding, anti-static, insulative, EMC, and environmental. They further expounded on that by detailing other attributes to consider such as chemical transfer, strength, water/moisture vapor transmission, testability, and other characteristics. By the time our visitors were done we felt they had wrapped up the subject in a neat little package.

In the coming weeks we have many more in-house training sessions scheduled. We’ll be better educating ourselves about all of the topics that are important to you (soldering, cleanroom, industrial printing, etc.) with the goal of becoming your number one solution-providing resource.

Please follow the appropriate links for information about our 3M static control solutions, Unitron stereo microscopes/visual inspection systems, and cleaning/assembly tools by Techspray & Plato. You can also give us a call at 800-966-6020 or contact us via email to place an order for those items or to get more info about PCA/ADE products.

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