Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Three New Lindstrom Pliers Added to QSource.com: Tools Target Assembly, Craftwork & Lead-Free Apps

Lindstrom Tools is known for creating industry-leading cutters and pliers for a number of applications such as electronics assembly, medical device manufacturing, bead & jewelry arts, and more. We're excited to tell you about three newly available Lindstrom pliers we just added to our Web site.

The Lindstrom RX7894 RX Series ESD-Safe Ergonomic Needle Nose Pliers, the 7894 Supreme Series ESD-Safe Needle Nose Pliers, and the LF7890 LF Series Lead-Free ESD-Safe, Chain Nose Pliers are now available from QSource.com. These tools fit right into the existing top-quality RX and Supreme Series and the new lead-free tools, LF Series.

RX7894 RX Series Pliers

Lindstrom's RX Series is the compilation of more than 150 years of experience and expertise in making world-renowned ergonomic pliers. The RX7894 model joins this celebrated line that has become the favorite of jewelry, bead, and wire bending artists.

The Lindstrom RX7894 RX Series Ergonomic Needle Nose Pliers with Smooth Jaw were created to meet Lindstrom's ERGO™ process for ergonomic tools: It must be suitable to the task, the user, and the environment. In addition to a comfortable, effective grip, the RX7894 has Lindstrom's adjustable Biospring to reduce tension throughout the working cycle. Other important features and specifications of the RX7894 Pliers include:
  • Ergonomic, ESD-safe handles
  • Two-component synthetic material
  • High-performance, alloy steel needle tip polished and hardened to 55-58 HRC
  • Micro-Touch shaped handles for greater control of pliers for precision work
  • Screw joint to minimize friction and maximize jaw alignment
  • Dimensions: Length = 6.24" (158.5 mm), Jaw length = 1.26" (32 mm), Jaw width = 0.35" (9 mm), Tip width = 0.05" (1.2 mm), Weight = 70 grams

7894 Supreme Series Pliers

Lindstrom's Supreme Series were created for general electronics work and precise wire bending applications. The 7894 ESD-Safe Supreme Series Needle Nose Pliers, like all pliers in the Supreme Series, features an advanced lap joint with a precision screw and nut, which ensures precise jaw alignment even at the extreme tips.

In addition to a special manufacturing process that provides extra-long contact surfaces, the 7894 Pliers offer the following benefits and characteristics:
  • Specially made box joint
  • Precise alignment of jaws
  • Fits a wide range of applications
  • Smooth jaw surface
  • Chain tip
  • Supreme white handles
  • Dimensions: Length = 5.2" (132 mm), Jaw length = 1.26" (32 mm), Jaw width = 0.35" (9 mm), Tip width = 0.05" (1.2 mm), Weight = 56 grams

LF7890 LF Series Pliers

Lindstrom's LF Series pliers and cutters were created to make it easy to choose which tools were safe to use in lead-free assembly areas. The Lindstrom LF7890 LF Series Chain Nose Pliers feature ESD-safe grips in the "get the lead out" industry-standard color, green.

Perfect for a wide range of lead-free/ESD-safe applications, the 7890 Pliers offer the following specifications and characteristics:
  • Great for bending wire in lead-free areas
  • Green handles identify pliers as lead-free
  • ESD-safe, safely dissipates electrostatic charges
  • Dimensions: Jaw surface = Smooth, Tip type = chain, Handles = LF green handles, Length = 5.2" (132 mm), Jaw length = 1.26" (32 mm), Jaw width = 0.05" (1.2 mm), Tip width = 0.05" (1.2 mm), Weight = 60 grams
For other selections from the Lindstrom RX Series, Supreme Series, and LF Series pliers please visit QSource.com. We also offer a large selection of Lindstrom Cutters and shears.

For more information, or help choosing the right Lindstrom tool for your application, please call Q Source at 800-966-6020 or contact us via email. To place an order for these new pliers, or any other Lindstrom product, please visit our Lindstrom Tools Department at QSource.com.

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