Friday, April 26, 2013

Ergomat Infinity Mats: Could Be the Last Mat You'll Ever Buy

Ergomat wants to sell you the last mat you'll ever need to buy. Their Ergomat Infinity line of ergonomic floor mats is being touted as the "first ever ergonomic mat available with up to a lifetime warranty" and as a true "green" ergonomic mat.

The Ergomat Infinity Mat (coming soon to is available in smooth or bubble style with ESD versions for both and was created to offer a Polyurethane mat with both ergonomic comfort and unbeatable durability. And with a nod toward being green and protecting the planet, these long-lasting mats meet Ergomat's goal of "Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle."

Infinity Mats can be manufactured in custom shapes and sizes to fit the footprint of your workstation. And because they feature a very high chemical and UV resistance, they are perfect for use in the health care and pharmaceutical industries. Ergomat's Infinity line is also appropriate in critical areas for general industries.

In addition to their long-lasting durability and anti-fatigue characteristics, Ergomats Infinity Mats also feature:
  • Molded beveled edges
  • Mats will never curl up, thus eliminating tripping hazards
  • Virgin raw material only
  • Silicone & latex-free
  • The closed cell/non-porous surface allows for easy wash down/cleaning
  • Anti-static properties
  • Cleanroom ISO Class 5 (100)
The regular warranty, for normal usage, of the Ergomat Infinity is 12 years. Ergomat offers the lifetime warranty option for dry or retail type environments under a service agreement. Regular usage relates to a user standing or walking on the mat while wearing regular footwear. Environmental requirements are a temperature under 77 degrees F (25 C) with humidity below 80%. The warranty covers the replacement of the mat (no direct or indirect costs are covered). So, under acceptable, regular use the Infinity Mat will truly be the last mat you'll ever need.

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