Monday, November 20, 2017

Meet ASG, Global Manufacturer of Assembly Products & Solutions

ASG, a division of Jergens, Inc., is an ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer, provider, and service center for products and solutions focused around assembly. ASG’s assembly solutions consist of four product groups: Assembly, Industrial, Precision Fastening, and Automation.

The ASG Assembly product group focuses on light and general assembly tools and accessories, like electric and manual screwdrivers, error-proofing products, production aides, and tool accessories that offer reliable performance. This is the product group to concentrate on if you are seeking tape and label dispensers, torque arms, digital torque testers, or screwdrivers. ASG Assembly serves the electronics, medical, optical, telecommunications, tier automotive, appliance, and general industry markets.

The ASG Industrial product group provides commanding pneumatic power and manual torque control as well as durable performance in tough working environments. ASG’s industrial products include air nippers, air motors, pneumatic torque control tools, pulse tools, and torque wrenches. These tools are intended to supply heavy industry end markets, including tier automotive, appliance, fabrication, machinery, construction, and electronics.

The ASG Precision Fastening product group focuses on controlled performance by providing intuitive interface, high feature-to-value ratio, proven reliability, excellent delivery, precision accuracy, and quality control of the final manufactured product. The Precision Fastening line features the X-PAQ™ controller, SD2500 Series screwdrivers, and products and solutions for precision fastening requirements. The markets served by ASG Precision Fastening include aerospace, energy, tier automotive, electronics, medical, and military.

The ASG Automation product group provides custom engineered performance solutions to meet the need needs of their clients. This line creates custom-engineered products for integration into assembly systems. Underpinned by world-class knowledge of threaded fastening, ASG’s systems are distinctive in their operation; providing market-leading precision. With robust elements of flexibility and expansion built-in, the systems are designed to persevere life cycle changes to provide customers with the ultimate automated solution. Offering auto feed systems, premium torque arms, and robots, ASG can provide the custom automation solution to meet any need.

ASG creates cutting edge assembly solutions products to meet the needs of customers all over the globe. To learn more about, or to purchase, ASG’s products please visit’s ASG Department, email us, or call us at 800-966-6020. Q Source, Inc. has been an authorized distributor of ASG products for almost 25 years.

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