Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hot Air Rework vs. Desoldering Stations: Which One Should You Choose?

Hot Air Rework Stations
There are a few key differences between hot air rework stations and desoldering stations. First, and most notable, is the size of the two different stations. The hot air stations tend to be much larger than the desoldering stations. Thus, to work with hot air, you will need to bring the defective parts to the station. In comparison, the desoldering station can be brought to the parts, which offers much more flexibility. Another noticeable difference between the two stations is their price tag. A hot air station will often carry a heftier price tag because it includes more features and extras than desoldering stations. The key is to find the specific tool that is best for your application needs. Choosing the right tool for the job will save you countless time and money in the long run.

A hot air rework station has many benefits. Because it uses hot air, the station is great for very quick and easy jobs where, perhaps, just one component needs to be removed from a printed circuit board (PCB). The opposite is also true, adding a single part to a PCB is also extremely simple by utilizing hot air to quickly and efficiently return the board to working order. This tool can also be used to fit heat shrink onto wires making it an extremely versatile device.

Desoldering Stations
A desoldering station also offers many benefits for specific applications. These stations provide a great deal of precision with their many features. Their compact size allows these stations to be much more mobile and makes for easier clean up at the end of a job. The simplicity of a desoldering station also makes it an asset to some. Why pay for all the bells and whistles when you only need the device for its basic uses? Desoldering Stations help make reworking PCBs an easier task.

Both types of rework stations offer a variety of benefits and shortfalls. By doing your research you can discover which device fits best in your specific day-to-day needs.

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