Friday, July 22, 2016

Using ACL 7600 IPA Wipes in Conjunction with ACL 8690 Acrylic Conformal Coating for PCB Rework/Repair Prep – Guest Blog

by Steve Allen, VP Marketing and Innovation, ACL Staticide

In Steve’s latest Guest Blog for the Q Source Resource, he recommends a process of PCB preparation for rework/repair.

Preparing PCBs (printed circuit boards) for rework or repair is a very important process. ACL Staticide has developed and manufactures an array of precision cleaners and surface preparation products, along with final finishing conformal coats to aid in this application. These products’ primary focus is in the area of printed circuit board repair and OEM manufacture. Let’s cover some key areas of PCB rework and repair using a two-step process for surface preparation and finishing.
In many instances of PCB repair, surface preparation with a pre-saturated wiper followed by treatment with conformal coating is the process of choice for reworking a board and getting it back into service.

With that in mind, ACL’s 7600 IPA Wipers are perfect for surface preparation following repair. The 7600 is a pre-saturated wipe using a precise 70/30 blend of extremely pure, electronics-grade isopropyl alcohol blended with deionized water to prevent premature evaporation of the cleaning solvent. The solvent is added to the wiper in a cleanroom environment. These wipers use a non-woven Sontara® technology designed to be extremely low linting, even at the perforation. Available in a 100-wipes reclosable container (made of non-hazardous material), the 7600 product is perfect for final finishing work of any circuit board. It is great for removal of hand oils, conductive greases, carbonized soils, dust/dirt, light flux residues, and a variety of other soils.

A 2-wiper use process is recommended for general-purposed cleaning and hand wiping of larger components and various board surfaces. One wipe is used for initial cleaning of heavier residues, and a second wipe for final surface cleaning and finishing. All surfaces should be allowed to gently dry for one to two minutes, or dry using compressed air or a duster product like the ACL 8640 Turbo Blast Duster.

Following this process, the board is prepared and ready for application of surface protection like acrylic conformal coating. ACL’s 8690 Acrylic Conformal Coating is the product of choice for protecting the PCB and all surface components from oils, moisture, and most soils. It is used following surface cleaning and preparation with the 7600 IPA wipers. ACL 8690 can be applied to the entire board surface. It is dry to the touch in less than 30 minutes and completely cures in 24 hours. It provides protection as well as heat resistance and contains a UV dye indicator so that the user can be sure the entire board and all components have been treated. ACL 8690 leaves behind a high-gloss cure (making it suitable for final presentation to the customer at contract manufacturers) and prepares the board for final installation.

This process of using both the 7600 wipes and 8690 conformal coating in conjunction with each other for final board preparation and final surface finishing prior to installation helps eliminate potential failures and damage to PCBS or devices. Please contact us with related questions or comments.

Thank you, Steve! That sounds like the way to go when preparing printed circuit boards. We look forward to your future articles.

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Nic Steve! Great Post. I like the information you shared. This is the type of info that should be shared across the internet as it can help many of the electronic geeks.