Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Q Source Adds Innovative Berkshire Line for Cleanroom Apps has added a new resource for your cleanroom/critical environment needs: Introducing Berkshire Corporation cleanroom and contamination control products. Hundreds of Berkshire solutions for critical surfaces and controlled environment applications are now available at discounted prices.

Based in Great Barrington, MA, Berkshire has been a global innovator in manufacturing cleanroom/contamination control products since the mid-1960s. Berkshire products are used in the following industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense – Manufactured to meet the demanding surface prep and cleaning standards set by the government, Berkshire low-linting disposables ensure compliance for everything from equipment and parts manufacturing to everyday maintenance and repair
  • Automotive – Berkshire's low-linting dry and pre-wetted critically clean products enable clean, smooth results throughout the surface preparation and refinishing process
  • Food & Beverage – Utilize Berkshire's patented, low-linting contamination control products to meet quality goals, comply with rigorous government regulations, and improve HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) and SSOPs (sanitation standard operating procedures)
  • Healthcare – Protect patients, workers/staff, and visitors with Berkshire's economical, low linting cleanroom products, which address critical contamination control concerns
  • Medical Device – Berkshire's low-linting surface cleaning and preparation disposables support a wide range of critical biomedical device manufacturing methods, and support the production of catheters, contact lenses, heart valves, pacemakers, and more
  • Microelectronics – Facilitate the highest contamination-control levels for precision electronics, printed circuitry, microelectronic and semiconductor manufacturing applications with Berkshire's ultra-clean low-lint, low-ion products
  • Optics – Berkshire's non-abrasive, soft wipers protect scratch-sensitive surfaces like lenses, mirrors, and other optical components in critical optics and photonics manufacturing and maintenance
  • Pharmaceutical – Need to observe strict regulations? Berkshire's critical contamination control products help you adhere to cGMP practices and lot traceability in standardized and government-regulated industries
  • Print – Use Berkshire's low-lint contamination-control products for low-cost/high-quality cleaning of industrial inkjet printers, typesetting machines, and imaging equipment
  • University/Research – For research/laboratory settings focused on topics like nanotechnology, engineering, physics, astronomy, and bioprocessing, use Berkshire's contamination control products and low-linting surface cleaning supplies

ENGINEERED CLEAN now offers all of the popular Berkshire series (e.g., CapSure, Choice, Labx, SatPax, ValuSeal, and others). These include Berkshire's wide variety of cleanroom/contamination control products in the following categories:
  • Dry Wipers – Low-linting, low-shedding dry cleanroom wipes for contamination control and surface cleaning
  • Pre-Wetted Wipers – Sterile and non-sterile pre-wetted wipes saturated with various alcohol and ethanol formulas
  • Swabs – Berkshire’s Lab-Tips® swabs for precision cleaning, surface sampling, validation procedures, and the application of lubricants or other liquids
  • Cleanroom Paper – Low-linting cleanroom bond paper reams, notebooks, and documentation/writing systems
  • Glove Liners – Soft, lightweight, long-term comfort BCR® Glove Liners for use with latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves
  • Facemasks – Non-shedding face masks for particle and bacterial filtration
  • Mops & Accessories – Mop systems, tools, and accessories for cleaning isolator and cleanroom floors, walls, and ceiling surfaces
These high-quality cleanroom and contamination-control products are now available in our Berkshire Corp. Department at If you have further questions about how Berkshire products can work in your controlled environment, please contact us via email, our Web site form, or by calling us at 800-966-6020.

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