Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brady's LINK360 Cloud-Based Software Platform: Ease of Use for Ease of Mind

Brady Worldwide's professional software products are known for making it easy to create and print quality labels, track inspection data, manage cable infrastructures, and more. For their latest software product, Brady heads to the "cloud" with the LINK360™ platform for managing visual information on and around equipment and machines.

If your company regularly performs maintenance and repairs on equipment, you need to retain a visual record of any changes made. Visual documentation is an important tool for keeping equipment running at the highest levels, creating a safe work environment for employees, and avoiding costly downtime. Visual documentation is also a very important factor for EHS compliance and/or Lean activities.


Brady's LINK360 cloud-based software falls under the category of Visual Information Management (VIM) and addresses safety, efficiency, and production by:
  • Pushing actionable data to users involved in maintaining programs to provide safe and productive environments
  • Closing the data loop on actions focused on maintaining and managing equipment safety and performance
  • Visualizing information for users at the point-of-need when working with the equipment
  • Scaling easily to accommodate adding new users without needing to purchase extra seat licenses. You can add new sites, equipment, and devices.
In addition to the software, Brady is also offering professional services for customers using LINK360 such as assistance with equipment list collection, lockout and maintenance procedure writing and posting, and custom standards creation for maintenance activities. Additional services include:
  • Software setup & training
  • Procedure writing services (Lockout, Maintenance, etc – VLOP)
  • Visual equipment control data collection & application
  • Equipment labeling
  • Safety audit & assessment services
  • Software custom templates
  • Visual workshops
LINK360 is targeted at almost all industries that require safety and maintenance procedures, but will be of the most obvious benefit to food & beverage, manufacturing, manufactured goods, and local & state agency environments. The software features two main modules of interest to managers in these fields (especially those looking to get/stay EHS compliant and for Lean practitioners that need to create, review, and print visually instructive preventative maintenance and inspection procedures), the Lockout/Tagout Center and the Reliability Center.

The Lockout/Tagout Center helps to create and maintain safe working environments by providing tools to help lockout hazardous energy sources. This center allows the user to manage lockout/tagout programs while performing maintenance on machinery or equipment, create & print instructive visual procedures, tags, and labels; and access assistance for compliance with OSHA 1910.147 for lockout of hazardous energy sources. The Lockout/Tagout Center will be of most interest to those managers tasked with implementing and managing the company's safety program, such as EH&S Coordinators, Global Safety Managers, and Regulatory Safety Managers.

The Reliability Center is all about providing tools to help streamline the process for regular equipment checks. You can maintain equipment performance levels by creating and managing visually instructive maintenance procedures, controlling who may view, create, or edit templates and procedures; using pre-defined print templates, accessing helpful notifications/alerts, and more. Managers responsible for the operational capacity of their facilities (such as Plant Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers, Production Supervisors, and Chief Engineers will be assisted most by the Reliability Center.

LINK360 is cloud-based and is available anywhere you access the internet through a browser. The software supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8, 9; FireFox 8-14, Chrome 11-21, or Safari 5.0.1-5.1.5.

The LINK360 platform can print procedures, labels, and tags to any sheet-fed printer, inkjet or laser. Your 8.5" x 11" procedures can be printed to any Wi-Fi enabled, sheet-fed printer through an iPad's Safari browser. Brady offers durable labeling materials for energy source labeling and tagging including the following items:
  • Tag Blanks - # 12770
  • Tag Blanks - # 12771
  • Tag Blanks - # 12772
  • Sign & Label Blanks - # 12834
  • Sign & Label Blanks - # 12900
If you are interested in purchasing a license for the LINK360 platform please contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email and we will get you set up right away.

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