Friday, June 29, 2012

Top Five Ways IAC Industrial Workbenches Help You Avoid ESD

From the Q Source studios in beautiful Bohemia, New York, here's Q-Bot with our Top Five list:

Top Five Ways IAC Industrial Workbenches Help You Avoid ESD

5. ESD Testing - IAC's static-dissipative worksurfaces, shelves, and ground bolts undergo testing at the factory. Resistance is measured based on a variety of relative humidity settings.

As a robot, I'm very good at taking tests. I actually get tested every 3,000 miles…or is that when I get my oil changed?

4. Optional Personnel Grounding Wrist Straps and Ground Blocks - The Personal Grounding Kit includes a Grounding Block, (which connects to the Grounding Lug on the worksurface), a Wrist Strap, and a Ground Cord.

I was built ESD safe, so I don't need a Grounding Kit. But I do wear Wrist Straps as a fashion accessory.

3. Stainless Steel ESD Grounding Lugs - These are built right into the worksurface and provide an easy connection to a grounding system.

That's funny, my ex-girlfriend used to call me a "stainless steel lug."

2. Static-Dissipative Laminates - IAC uses two types (3M and Nevamar®) of static-dissipative laminates on their worksurfaces and shelves.

Oh, these are extremely comfortable, too. I use them as blankets.

And the Number One Way IAC Industrial Workbenches Help You Avoid ESD…

1. Rounded Edges on Worksurfaces - IAC's premium and industrial workbenches include a 180°-rolled front edge, which protects the ESD-safe laminate from chipping, lifting, and other damage.

Speaking as someone who has many rounded edges I can tell you this is really important.

Thanks, Q-Bot! Well, there you have it, our Top Five Ways IAC Industrial Workbenches Help You Avoid ESD. offers a fine selection of IAC ESD workbenches, workstations, and more. To make your choice easier, we've created the "IAC Workbench/Workstation Configurators page," which will help you narrow down your options to find you the perfect IAC solution for your application.

For further information, or to place an order, please contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email and one of our helpful sales associates will assist you.

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