Wednesday, March 28, 2012

JBC Tools FAQ Answers Your Soldering Temperature Questions

JBCKnowing the correct soldering temperature is important to completing a proper soldering job. Our friends at JBC Tools, manufacturer of quality, ESD-safe soldering/desoldering/rework products, created an FAQ to provide you with answers to your soldering temperature questions.

The JBC Section FAQ is a must-read (see below for a preview answer) and will help you make up your mind when purchasing a JBC Soldering Station:

Q. Will a JBC Tool allow me to solder at a lower temperature?
A. Yes, because JBC Tools tips have extremely fast thermal response. Slow thermal response means the tip doesn’t have the time to recover the temperature (especially if a series of solder joints are being performed). Non-JBC iron tips experience a significant drop in temperature as the tip transfers heat to the board. When the operator uses a higher temperature to combat slow response, it can result in shorter tip life and PCB/component damage.
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JBC's Knowledge Base includes a lot of other great info…definitely worth a visit.

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