Friday, March 8, 2019

Get Free ASG Power Supplies w/Purchase of ASG Electric Screwdrivers

ASG’s Free Power Supply promotion is a long-running, popular special offer. The current version of this promo is expanded to include more eligible products. This promo expires on December 31, 2019. Cannot be applied to previous purchases.

When you purchase one of the eligible ASG HIOS or TL Electric Screwdriver (see below for chart) you’ll receive a Free Power Supply. Eligible drivers include A Series, BL Series, BLG Series, CL Series, SS Series, SSCR Series, and TL Series. Free power supplies include the PS-55, T-70BL, CLT-60, and CLT-80. BLG-OPC models require either the purchase of the BLOP-SC1 (ASG #65590) or BLOP-SC3 (ASG #65591) counter with the order to receive a Free Power Supply.

Please note the following Coupon Codes must be used to receive your FREE power supply:

For part numbers 64106-A019, 64107-A019, 64109-A019, 64110-A019, 64111-A019, 64112-A019, 64113-A019, 64116-A019, 64118-A019, 64120-A019, 64121-A019, 64134-A019, 64200-A019, 64257-A019, 64268-A019, 64271-A019, 64275-A019, 64280-A019, 64281-A019, 65512-A019, 65601-A019, 65602-A019, 65605-A019, 64291-A019, 64292-A019, 64293-A019, 64294-A019, 65525-A019, 64285-A019, 64277-A019, 64286-A019, 64287-A019, 64278-A019, 64279-A019, 64288-A019, 65500-A019, 65501-A019, 65560-A019, 65561-A019, 65563-A019, 65565-A019, 65562-A019, 65583-A019, 65585-A019, 65582-A019, and 65584-A019 use Coupon Code ASGFREEPS55 to get the PS-55 Power Supply.

For part numbers 64117-A019, 64126-A019, 64129-A019, 64269-A019, 64284-A019, 64295-A019, 64136-A019, 64289-A019, 64125-A019, and 64124-A019 use Coupon Code ASGFREECLT60 to get the CLT-60 Power Supply.

For part numbers 64138-A019 and 64139-A019 use Coupon Code ASGFREECLT80 to get the CLT-80 Power Supply.

For part numbers 65504-A019, 65505-A019, 65506-A019, 65570-A019, 65569-A019, 65589-A019, 65587-A019, 65579-A019, and 65578-A019 use Coupon Code ASGFREET70BL to get the T-70 BL Power Supply.

To get your FREE power supply for the BLG models (65572-A019, 65571-A019, 65573-A019, and 65575-A019), please contact us directly at or 800-966-6020.

Please visit our ASG Free Power Supply promo page to purchase ASG Electric Screwdrivers and get your Free Power Supply. You may also contact us via email or phone for large orders or other inquiries. We also offer live chat customer service on our Web site.

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