Thursday, December 13, 2018

Fight Potential Static Damage w/ESD Hand Lotion – Static Solutions Guest Blog Re-Post

Static Solutions’ Guest Blog offers a solution to the electrostatic discharge that is common (and potentially dangerous) this time of year.

As the seasons change from warm to cold, so too can the risk of static.

Typically, as temperatures drop, dryer conditions increase because of reduced humidity. You may notice static shocks as you get out of your car and touch the metal of the vehicle or when you walk inside across a carpet and get a shock as you touch a doorknob.

Each situation may be a slight annoyance, but if you need to be mindful of ESD (electrostatic discharge), the increased risk of a static can be costly, or at an extreme, deadly in potentially explosive environments.

Following basic EOS/ESD standards of the 20.20 is a requirement for many companies, and taking steps like using proper personal grounding such as wrist straps, heel grounders, or hand lotion can be an important part of your plan. Yes, even hand lotion can help at this time of year!

Applying moisture to your skin adds another layer of protection by increasing conductivity to your wrist strap. Placing several bottles in specific areas around the workplace, helps your team to stay protected. And, it has the added benefit of helping your skin to not dry out, crack, or flake.

Increase conductivity to your wrist strap
and help your skin to not dry out, crack, or flake.
For more information about ESD hand lotion and other Static Solutions ESD control products, please visit You may also contact us via email or phone at 800-966-6020 and we will be happy to assist you.

A big thank you to our friends at Static Solutions! We appreciate the information about ESD hand lotion.

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