Thursday, February 15, 2018

ASG’s EZ Series Tape Dispensers Help Protect Workers from Costly Repetitive Stress Injuries - Guest Blog

by ASG

ASG’s Guest Blog offers a solution to avoiding work-related repetitive stress injuries, cutting costs, and boosting productivity

OSHA has cited that work-related musculoskeletal disorders or ergonomic injuries have direct costs of “$15 to $20 billion per year, with total annual costs reaching $45 to $54 billion.” For example, the repetitiveness of cutting tape can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, strain, and inflammation. Using a tape dispenser such as those from ASG’s EZ Series can reduce these ergonomic injuries.

ASG’s best-selling user-friendly tape dispenser, the EZ-9000GR Automatic Tape Dispenser, is one popular option. It offers features that increase the efficiency of your assembly process and eases the workload on your employees. Let the EZ-9000GR do the work for you.

With the cost of some specialty tapes costing $30 to $50 or more per roll, using a tape dispenser goes much farther than ergonomic benefits. Eliminating waste could easily prove out the Return on Investment (ROI) for your tape dispenser.

The EZ-9000GR has up to six different cut lengths and it can be programmed to cut by selection or in sequence. The modular blade and roller unit allows for easy on-site maintenance. The EZ-9000GR features dual photo sensors which allow two rolls of tape to be cut at the same time. In addition, the EZ-9000GR can cut non-adhesive tape and a variety of tape thicknesses.

Using a tape dispenser improves operator ergonomics and saves time and money. The tape machine dispenses an exact, programmable length each time, which reduces waste. It also has an automatic button, which dispenses the next piece of tape as soon as the previous piece is removed, therefore saving the user time. Reducing waste, saving time, and avoiding user injury lead to cost savings, a positive return on investment, and worker satisfaction. ASG’s line of tape dispensers are sure to increase efficiency and lessen worker stress.

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