Thursday, December 7, 2017

Save Shipping Costs on Select ACL Staticide Static/Resistivity Meters

1/19/18 UPDATED INFO: Please note, the ACL 300B is currently unavailable. It is expected to be shipping again in March. We will provide more details when we get them.

We’re excited to once again feature a special offer on ACL Staticide’s static/resistivity meters: Free Freight on the ACL 300B Precision Electrostatic Locator, the ACL 380 Resistivity Meter, and the ACL 395 Resistivity Meter. Now through January 31, 2018, get Free UPS Ground Shipping in the contiguous United States on these popular static testing tools.

The ACL 300B Precision Electrostatic Locator offers a quick, reliable way to measure static charges. The 300B can measure static charges from 0 to 30,000 volts, has repeatability of ±1% and accuracy of ±10%, and is designed for close-in repetitive readings. With its hand-held size and accurate results, on-the-spot measurement of static charges is incredibly easy in a variety of static-sensitive environments.

The ACL 380 Resistivity Meter offers lightweight auto-ranging surface resistivity metering for all facets of material production. The 380 can test conductive, dissipative, and insulative surfaces for electrical resistivity according to the ESDA’s parallel resistivity probe method (DIN EN 100 015/1 & ANSI/ESDA-S11.11). The unit has a test range of 103 to 1012+, measuring voltages of 10v and 100v, a resistivity of 103-1012 ohms/square, and a resistance of 103-1012 ohms.

The ACL 395 Resistivity Meter offers high accuracy for all areas of manufacturing and research departments via its sophisticated circuitry and contemporary design and function. The 395 uses a color-coded LED scale and half decade measurements to provide a close indication of the actual value. The unit also features a “warning” stage that alerts the auditor when material is approaching the upper end of the dissipative scale.

Please visit our ACL Staticide Meters Free Shipping promo page to take advantage of this limited-time offer. You may also contact us by phone (800-966-6020), email, or via our Web site.

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