Friday, February 3, 2017

New Firmware Update Available for Brady’s BMP61 Printer

Attention Brady BMP®61 users! There’s a new firmware update (Version 1.0.71130) available for downloading at Brady’s Web site. Click here to get the update.

Issues fixed by this update include:
  • Missing international symbols have been added.
  • Issue has been resolved where the printer was feeding blank Labels standalone and connected to PC.
  • Poor print when printing on B-439 material while using the battery has been resolved.
  • When saving files, user is restricted from overwriting other file types to avoid corruption of the files.
  • And a few others.
To learn more about the Brady BMP61 Labeling System, please read our blog, “Brady’s New BMP61 Labeling System: Portable, Dependable Label Printing for a Variety of Applications.” To purchase the BMP61, please visit

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