Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Social Rewind for October 4, 2016

Are you subscribed to multiple social media networks like we are? Do you find it difficult it to keep up with all of the updates from the people you follow? Do you feel like you're missing a lot of good information?

"The Social Rewind," is a weekly compilation of what we thought were the most interesting, funny, or informational social media posts of the previous week. Q Source follows a variety of really fascinating companies and individuals on Twitter, Facebook & Google+ and we want to share the best of what they have to say.

Leading off this week’s column: A little music to start the week, more specifically, Weller’s post about the world’s first computer music recording inspired by Alan Turing’s pioneering work with computers.

Our friends at Metcal posted this really handy infographic about soldering tip care. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a pro or a hobbyist.

Interested in workplace safety? This Brady post about slips, trips, and falls in the workplace offers valuable information about the potential dangers and costs of such accidents and what you can do to avoid them.

We offer our congratulations to TE Connectivity and urge you to read this amazing post about one of their ships saving 14 fishermen in the Arabian Sea.

Most of you probably already heard about Elon Musk’s Mars plans, but in case you didn’t, check out Laughing Squid’s post about SpaceX’s plan to colonize Mars.

And we close out this week’s column with our reminder to check out Q Source’s Clearance Center at QSource.com.

There you have it; another quick look at a few of last week's most interesting social media posts. We enjoy bringing you this weekly column and hope you liked reading the Social Rewind. We'd love it if you shared your interesting posts with us and if you would share this column with your friends and colleagues.

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