Thursday, April 14, 2016

Q Source Staff Installs Production Basics Benches for PA Customer

Q Source staff recently travelled to a customer location in Pennsylvania to lend their expertise for a workstation installation. Over the course of a couple days, we installed more than two dozen Production Basics C-Leg Stand-Alone Height-Adjustable Workbenches (with ESD tops, shelving, cable troughs, and power strips) for a tech lab that assembles PCBs. See our Flickr photo album for a progression of photos of the install.

Q Source has more than thirty years of proven track record as a customer-service oriented distributor. We believe in going above and beyond (and in this case, to Pennsylvania) to ensure customer satisfaction. If you have specific product needs, or require solutions to challenging applications, our expertise and close relationships with our vendor partners are a valuable resource.

Our relationship with Production Basics goes back 20 years. offers almost 300 Production Basics parts, including the C-Leg Stand-Alone Stations used in this installation.

Production Basics’ Stand-Alone C-Leg Station Workbenches include everything needed to create a single workstation. They feature an open, modular design that is perfect for multiple configurations and a variety of add-on accessories. Q Source’s expert workstation consultants can help customers create the exact workstation layouts needed for their applications and environments.

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