Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Boost Productivity w/FSInspection’s Ergonomic Video Inspection Systems

If you’re in the market for a hi-def, ergonomic video inspection system, may we suggest checking out one of the newer lines we’ve added to FSInspection. Founded in 2013, FSInspection’s cost-effective product lines include the VERSAMag™, HDMag®, X-Mag™, and PKMag® 50 series.

Let’s take a closer look at these easy-to-use, productivity-boosting inspection tools:


The 2015 NPI Award Winner for Repair and Rework Tools, FSInspection’s HDMag series provides invaluable assistance for SMT inspection, repair/rework, and counterfeit part/component detection applications. Boasting an ergonomic design for user comfort, the HDMag and its software (not included) make it very easy to collaborate with co-workers, supervisors, and even suppliers/customers in real-time. In addition to adjustable work heights and a magnification range up to 127x, the HDMag also features:
  • Smartly designed, simple, intuitive controls
  • Brilliant, HD-image quality
  • Reduces eye, neck, and back strain
  • Optional software: Allows for image capture, linear/circular dimensional measurements, annotated images, and the ability to save, print, and share your images
  • Real-time video inspection
  • XY table smoothly glides in all directions, locks in place for stability, and has pre-drilled holes for mounting to fit your needs
  • Adjustable, built-in LED lighting


Combine advanced technology and sleek design and you get the VERSAMag High-Magnification Inspection System. FSInspection’s VERSAMag, with its HD high-resolution camera, provides outstanding inspection results via sharp images and multiple magnification levels.

A portable visual inspection system, the VERSAMag allows for accurate inspection of various objects via the following features:
  • Lightweight w/easy-to-use controls
  • Multi-axis positioning HD camera and adjustable Z-height arm
  • Up to 155x magnification
  • Remote control with simple functions
  • Real-time video inspection featuring auto-focus, w/manual focus override
  • Measurement and image capture capabilities (capture and store images on an SD card or with the use of a computer)
  • Detailed measurement capabilities with optional, easy-to-use software


FSInspection’s PKMag 50 is a high-definition, lightweight portable inspection device. With its 5” LCD display and easy-to-use buttons, the handheld PKMag can be used wherever it is needed for instant inspection of a variety of objects.

In addition to its built-in LED lighting and convenient stand, the FSInspection PKMag also features:
  • Intuitive controls
  • Sleek design reduces eye, neck, and back strain
  • Real-time video inspection
  • LED lighting
  • Brilliant, HD image quality w/color modes
  • 2x to 14x magnification range
  • 100 MB storage of .bmp or .png files
  • 3-hour continuous use on battery w/3-hour charge time


Make the small details, on objects of any size, come alive with FSInspection’s X-Mag High-Magnification Workstation. The X-Mag combines its advanced real-time video technology with a high-def camera, monitor, and LED lighting to offer clear, sharp images. This versatile inspection system provides detailed results via the following features:
  • Intuitive controls w/a sleek design to reduce eye, neck, and back strain
  • Brilliant, HD-image quality w/color modes (true full color, grayscale, black on white)
  • Auto focus 720p HD camera w/manual focus override
  • Up to 96x magnification
  • Real-time video inspection
  • Adjustable built-in LED lighting
  • Visibility at your station or across the room
  • Measurement features at all magnification levels

Visit to learn more about these FSInspection products and why their company slogan is, “Advanced. Accurate. Affordable.” Check out our FSInspection Department to purchase one of their high-quality video inspection systems. We also offer a selection of FSInspection accessories and the optional FSInspection Image Software. You may also contact us by phone (800-966-6020), email, or via our Web site.

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