Friday, November 20, 2015

Check Out Our Current Promos, While Featured Product Friday Takes the Week Off

Our weekly Featured Product Friday (FPF) promotion is off today and will return next week. In the meantime, we thought we’d compile for you this digest of all of our current money-saving promotions.

This collection of sales and promotions (in no particular order) offers a variety of ways for you to save on a number of different products:

  1. Transforming Technologies Free Shipping & Free Wrist Strap with Ohm Metrics Workstation Monitors - Get FREE Shipping and a FREE Wrist Strap with the purchase of any Transforming Technologies Ohm Metrics™ ESD Workstation Monitors. This promo expires December 31, 2015.

  2. Free SCS SV-MPF2 Filter with SCS 497AJM Electronics Vacuum, 120 Volts - Purchase an SCS 497AJM Electronics Vacuum (which includes one SV-MPF2 Toner & Dust Filter) and get a FREE second SV-MPF2 Filter. This offer runs through 12/31/15.

  3. Get FREE Shipping on All IAC Workbench Orders >$2,000! - Save on shipping costs when you order $2,000 or more of IAC’s Workmaster Pro Series, Dimension 4, or new All American Series. Hurry, this promo expires on November 30th.

  4. Free Shipping on Select Vision Engineering Inspection Systems - Get excellent savings and FREE Shipping on Vision Engineering’s industry-leading Mantis Compact, Elite, and Elite Cam Visual Inspection System pre-configured packages. This offer won’t last for long.

  5. Free Shipping on Quantum Storage Systems Conductive Bins & Dividable Totes - This long-running, popular promotion offers you FREE Shipping on Quantum Storage Systems Conductive Bins, Dividable Totes & Accessories. This great offer on these top-quality, carbon-filled co-polymer polypropylene products won’t last forever.

  6. ASG's We Love the '90s Electric Screwdriver Sale - If you loved the ‘90s, here’s a chance to re-live that decades prices. ASG’s We Love the ‘90s promo offers 1990s pricing on select Torque Drivers…plus, a FREE PS-55 Power Supply. This offer expires 12/31/15.

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For further information about any of the promotions listed above, please visit our Web site at, call us (800-966-6020), or send us an email. IMPORTANT: Please take note of each promotion’s expiration date, as they do vary.

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