Monday, August 31, 2015

The Social Rewind for August 31, 2015

Are you subscribed to multiple social media networks like we are? Do you find it difficult it to keep up with all of the updates from the people you follow? Do you feel like you’re missing a lot of good information?

“The Social Rewind,” is a weekly compilation of what we thought were the most interesting, funny, or informational social media posts of the previous week. Q Source follows a variety of really fascinating companies and individuals on Twitter, Facebook & Google+ and we want to share the best of what they have to say.

Leading off this week’s column: A giant 40-mile algae bloom sits ominously off America’s west coast like something out of a sci-fi movie. Agilent Technologies posted about this danger to marine ecosystems and what they are helping to do about it.

If you were in a self-driving car heading down a narrow road, would you be tempted to take the wheel yourself? According to this post by Robotics Business, self-driving cars actually outperform humans in these situations.

Laboratory Equipment magazine’s post looks at research that says the Earth was once a snowball and thawed out gradually and irregularly because of the planet’s wobble on its axis.

‘Snowball Earth’ Thawed Out by Wobbling on Its Axis, Researchers FindThe Earth was once like a snowball, completely...

Posted by Laboratory Equipment magazine on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jono Williams of New Zealand wanted to build the best treehouse ever, but this Make Magazine post shows that he wound up with the coolest man cave ever: The 30’-tall Skysphere.

Jono Williams was all set to build the best treehouse ever, and he ended up building this marvelous dream home of his own: “I ordered all the materials before I even knew how to weld...”

Posted by Make: Magazine on Monday, August 24, 2015

Ever wonder how a PCB is made? Check out this interesting post from Electronic Interconnect Corporation.

And we close out this week’s column with our post about Bevco’s 48-Hour Quick-Ship Ergonomic Chairs promo, which ends today.

There you have it…another quick look at a few of last week’s most interesting social media posts. We enjoy bringing you this weekly column and hope you liked reading the Social Rewind. We’d love it if you shared your interesting posts with us.

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