Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Select AIM Solder Products In Stock, Ready-to-Ship from

Satisfy your solder needs with Q Source's selection of in-stock, ready-to-ship AIM Solder products. This choice of high-quality AIM solder can be shipped same-day (order must be processed by 3:00 p.m. EST).

Available ready-to-ship AIM Solder products include:
AIM's 14054 and 14048 SAC305 products (96.5% tin, 3% silver, 0.5% copper alloy materials) feature excellent wetting, a wide process window, are cleanable with saponifier, and are lead-free compatible. The AIM 13951 and 13949 SAC305 products are halide-free, offer extended cleaning times (safe up to 2 to 3 days), feature high activity levels, good thermal transfer, good wetting properties, are ideal for standard and high-temperature applications, and the flux residue is readily soluble in hot water.

AIM's 13283 and 13426 Sn63/Pb37 products (63% tin and 37% lead alloy materials) offer high purity, reduces drossing, and exceed IPC-J-STD-006 specifications. And the AIM 5202 SN100C product is an eutectic alloy that does not contain silver or bismuth, offers bridge-free and icicle-free soldering, produces smooth, bright, well-formed fillets, free of gross micro-cracks, irrespective of the cooling rate; and features good through-hole penetration, good topside fillet formation, and a dross rate equal or lower than tin-lead solder.

Visit our AIM Solder In-Stock, Ready-to-Ship page to place your order. Orders processed before 3:00 p.m. EST will ship same-day. For additional information or questions about AIM Solder, you may contact us by phone (800-966-6020), email, or via our Web site. While at our Web site, you may also want to check out our complete line of AIM Solder products.

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