Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Q Source’s Extended CyberMonday Daylight Promo Ends Today: Last Chance to Save an Extra 25%

CyberMonday, (er, CyberWednesday?) is coming to an end here at Q Source. Our special extended CyberMonday promo of 25% off Daylight Company Lamps expires at end of day today (12/3/14). But there’s still plenty of time to save big on these high-quality lamps/magnifiers that make great gifts and great additions to your work/crafting space.

Our cyber2014 Coupon Code is automatically applied when you add any of the select Daylight Lamps listed below. Please note: Your extra 25% off our regular low prices will be automatically reflected in your shopping cart. With features suitable for a variety of applications (e.g., assembly, hobbies, crafts, jewelry making, and manicure/pedicure), we’re sure one of these eligible Daylight products will fit your needs exactly:

  • DAYLIGHT U22080 ULTRA-SLIM WHITE MAGNIFYING LAMP XR W/1.75X MAGNIFICATION AND 7" LENSWork longer in comfortable light! The Daylight U22080 offers the latest innovations in lighting design such as the 28W Daylight™ fluorescent light, 17.5 cm/7" XR™ lens, and the new Free-Motion head-joint™. These features allow for an energy-saving, long-lasting tube; a 50% lighter lens, and precise, smooth positioning of the lamp without constant re-tightening.

  • DAYLIGHT U25080 LED ULTRA-SLIM MAGNIFYING LAMP XR W/60 LEDS AND 50.4" REACHAllows for easy, accurate adjustments! The Daylight U25080 is a durable, powerful magnifier with 60 super-bright Daylight LEDs, a maximum reach of 50”, and a large 7” 1.75x magnification lens. It also features Daylight’s XR and Free-Motion technologies.

  • DAYLIGHT UN1081 NATURALIGHT LAMP 5" LED FLOOR/TABLE MAGNIFYING LIGHT W/A 5” 2X MAG. LENSPerfect for hobbies, crafts, and low-vision applications! The Daylight UN1081 offers versatility for use as a floor magnifying lamp or a table lamp just by removing it from its pole. It features 21 top-performing, energy-efficient Naturalight LEDs that allow the user to easily see details and texts.

  • DAYLIGHT UN1040 NATURALIGHT WHITE TABLE MAGNIFYING LAMP W/4X MAGNIFICATIONNo more squinting, no more headaches! The Daylight UN1040 may be compact in size, but it offers the power for clear results. It features a 12W Full Spectrum Naturalight fluorescent tube and a 3.5" lens that helps show you difficult-to-see details.

  • DAYLIGHT UN1190 XL WHITE TASK LAMP W/CLAMP BASEOne of Daylight’s brightest lamps! The Daylight UN1190 offers professional, high-powered maximum light via 84 bright Daylight LEDs providing a brightness of 3400 lux at 12", while using only 21 W of power. It features an adjustable shade, multi-position head joint, and the ability to be dimmed up to 10%.
To make your CyberMonday purchase, please visit our CyberMonday 2014 Promo page at You may also contact us via our Web site, phone (800-966-6020), or by email. Remember, this promo expires end of day today, December 3, 2014.

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