Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Top 10 Posts from the 1st Year of Q Source’s Social Rewind Column

We created our weekly Social Rewind column to share some of the most interesting, informative, and fun social media posts we come across each week. Social Rewind recently passed its one-year anniversary and we thought we’d look back and choose our ten favorite posts of that period.

Our criteria for choosing our favorites were that we wouldn’t pick the same source more than once, we wouldn’t pick a post that was about something timely like a holiday or event, and most of all, they had to be posts that made us think, smile, or laugh. So, in no particular order, here are our Top Ten Social Rewind Posts of the Past Year:

Wireless technology. Intrigue. Murder! EE Times’ post about Guglielmo Marconi and the telegraph is a must-read (10/14/13).

They say that adults are just children with bigger toys. Laughing Squid’s post about a giant game of “Jenga” played by Caterpillar Excavators makes us believe it (4/21/14).

Did you know there’s an old Cold War nuclear missile silo under downtown Seattle? Check out this post shared by Laboratory Equipment magazine for the secret details (4/7/14).

We’re not sure whether to be in awe of this, or just utterly creeped out. Check out Mashable’s post about a 3D-printed replica of Vincent van Gogh’s ear based on DNA from a distant relative of the great artist (6/9/14).

Conductive Containers gave us a huge chuckle with this post. Way to make scientists cool and hip (7/21/14).

Workrite Ergonomics tweeted a Fast Company piece about 10 breakthroughs that will impact the world in 2025. We’re still waiting for flying cars…see if they’re on this list (7/7/14).

An adult-sized Big Wheel. That’s all you have to know about this MAKE Magazine post (8/25/14).

Sure, you can 3D-print food, but how does it taste? According to this post by ThomasNet.com…it’s pretty good (6/2/14).

In this informative post, Agilent Technologies asks the question: “Who really invented the telephone?” (8/11/14)

Are you a “Nomophobic?” This PanaVise retweet of a post by Wilson Electronics offers a look at the fear of being without a mobile device (Nomophobia) (10/6/14).

Well, there you have it. Ten of our favorite posts from the first year of the Social Rewind column. Thank you for reading the weekly column and for contributing your comments and suggestions. We enjoy bringing you this fun and informative column every Monday.

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