Monday, November 24, 2014

The Social Rewind for November 24, 2014

Are you subscribed to multiple social media networks like we are? Do you find it difficult it to keep up with all of the updates from the people you follow? Do you feel like you’re missing a lot of good information?

“The Social Rewind,” is a weekly compilation of what we thought were the most interesting, funny, or informational social media posts of the previous week. Q Source follows a variety of really fascinating companies and individuals on Twitter, Facebook & Google+ and we want to share the best of what they have to say.

Leading off this week, American Hakko retweeted this cool post about Ladyada’s "E is for Electronics" coloring book. We must get one! Um, you know, not for us…for any kids who stop by the office. Yeah, that’s it!

Popular Science shared a post that had us repeating this line in our heads: “Adaptable, self-replicating robots. Oh, my. Adaptable, self-replicating robots. Oh, my. Adaptable, self-replicating robots. Oh, my.”

Siberia? A scientific expedition? Mystery holes? How could you not want to read this post by Laboratory Equipment magazine?

The Edison Awards know about creativity and genius and they shared a current example with this post about Diet Coke printing 2 million unique bottle labels.

Is your photo next to “absent-minded” in the dictionary? We just remembered to tell you about this Instructables post outlining how to make your own “Don’t-Leave-Home-Without-It Machine.”

And we close out this week’s column with our post where we asked the question: What do you use to clean up a big ol’ mess?

There you have it…another quick look at a few of last week’s most interesting social media posts. We hope you enjoyed this week’s Social Rewind. We’d love it if you shared other interesting blog posts with us.

Our Social Rewind column recently passed its one-year anniversary. Thank you for reading it and for your comments and suggestions. We enjoy bringing you this fun and informative column each week. We hope you’ll keep on reading and enjoying it every Monday.

If there's topic you'd like to see us write about please let us know. We'd also appreciate if you’d share our blog posts with your friends and colleagues and leave us your questions or comments, when applicable.

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