Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ACL Staticide Aerosols: Whatever Your Cleaning App, There's a Spray for It

Steve Allen, our Guest Blogger from ACL Staticide stopped by recently to demonstrate ACL's new aerosol spray cleaners for our "On the Bench" video series (videos coming soon).With more than a dozen new sprays available, we wanted to give you a brief overview of each product's applications.

This category provides a number of cleaning choices for PCBs, fiber-optic connectors, measuring devices, and more. The list below gives a quick look at the recommended applications of each spray:
  • Electronics Cleaner Degreaser PF—Removes oils and hydraulic fluids from mechanical assemblies, cleans handling soils from circuitry before reassembly, removes grease from assembly lines, and cleans fiber-optic connectors
  • Precision Rinse NF—Cleans oxidized oils and grease from live switches and relays, removes carbon and oxide dust from live wire assemblies, cleans encrusted soils from live solenoids and switches
  • Precision Rinse NS—Cleans oxidized oils and grease from live switches and relays, removes carbon and oxide dust from live wire assemblies, cleans soils from live controllers and equipment
  • Electronics Rinse VT—All repair and maintenance contact cleaning, cleans metal contacts, plugs and sockets, solenoids; and removes oxidized soils from switches, circuit breakers, motors, and armatures
  • Precision Rinse PMX—Removes carbon dust from circuit breakers, cleans cube relays, and is ideal for cleaning electrical motor assemblies
  • Lubricant Contact Renew—Cleans and protects metal contacts, potentiometers, relays, circuit breakers, fuse blocks, and electronic controls, and is ideal for protecting tin-lead, copper, and nickel contacts
Choosing the correct flux remover is important for avoiding corrosion, short circuits, or other damage to the PCB. ACL's selection of flux removers perfect for use in the following tasks:
  • Flux Remover HD—A non-flammable solution for removing encrusted no-clean and rosin flux
  • Flux Remover Rosin—Cleans type R, RMA, RA, and rosin-based no-clean flux
  • Flux Remover Lead-Free—Formulated specifically for lead-free flux removal and ideal for removing heat-degraded flux
Not just an ordinary "canned air," ACL's spray offers a safe, pure, powerful jet of air. Read on for more details about what you can do with this precision duster:
  • Turbo Blast—Removes dust build-up from circuit boards, cleans insulating debris from pin connectors, and removes entrapped solvent from under surface mount devices
Manufactured to provide instant freezing action in a pure, residue-free, non-flammable aerosol, ACL's freeze spray/heat sink is a cool choice for use in:
  • Freeze Spray Anti-Stat—isolates individual components with a pinpoint spray without freezing surrounding areas and is an ideal anti-static formulation for use on static-sensitive components
If you need to prevent and/or eliminate electrostatic point sources on non-porous surfaces, ACL's Staticide anti-static cleaners are made for applications like:
  • Plastic & Glass Cleaner—Cleans computer monitors and housings, removes handling soils from precision glassware, and maintains cleanliness of observation windows on production equipment
  • Static Sentry—Use on work surfaces, trays, tote bags, plastics, dip tubes, components, storage bins, carriers, packaging, film; and is easily applied on walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, fixtures, work surfaces, tools, equipment, conveyor belts, clothing, and other materials
Used for spray applications, ACL's Acrylic Conformal Coating protects PCBs, flex circuitry, and components and is appropriate for the following tasks:
  • Acrylic Conformal Coating—Used in aerospace, marine manufacturing, electrical equipment, instrumentation and data communication; protects printed circuit boards and flex circuits, and withstands severe environmental stress, thermal shock, mold, and fungus attack
Q Source is currently running a limited-time offer making FREE samples of these products available via our Web site. To purchase any of the above items, please visit our ACL Aerosol Sprays page at In addition, our site's ACL Staticide Department offers dozens of other quality products. If you have further questions about these products, or need help placing an order, you may also contact us at 800-966-6020 or via email.

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