Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Transforming Technologies' New WB5600 Series Anti-Allergy Wrist Bands: Avoid Static AND Itchy Skin

Transforming Technologies has released a new product for folks who need the personal grounding protection of an anti-static wrist band, but are allergic to common metals. The WB5600 Series Anti-Allergy Wrist Band & Coil Cord Set features hypoallergenic, silver-plated nylon thread and a back plate with a plastic cover to eliminate metal-on-skin contact.

Available in 6', 12' and 20' coil cord lengths (the WB5026 Woven Wrist Band is also available without a cord), these maroon-colored WB5600 Series sets (coil cord is black) provide 360-degree conductive contact around the wrist, which allows the skin to breathe while still giving maximum skin contact. The coil cord has a 2.5 mm polyurethane insulation with a 4 mm snap that works with most standard wrist bands. A swivel-type banana jack promotes extended coil life and prevents annoying cord tangles.

The WB5600 Series Specs

Here's a quick look at some additional product specs for the WB5600 Series straps:
  • Meets ANSI ESD-S20.20 and ESDA Standard 1.1-2006
  • Polyester wrist band with silver-plated nylon
  • Resistance: 100 ohms typical
  • Back Plate: Plastic-covered stainless steel
  • Snap Release: 1-5 pounds
  • Resistor: 1 Meg
  • Flex Life: > 50,000 flexes
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