Monday, June 2, 2014

The Social Rewind for June 2, 2014

Are you subscribed to multiple social media networks like we are? Do you find it difficult it to keep up with all of the updates from the people you follow? Do you feel like you’re missing a lot of good information?

“The Social Rewind,” is a weekly blog digest of what we thought were the most interesting, funny, or informational social media posts of the previous week. Q Source follows some really fascinating companies and individuals on Twitter, Facebook & Google+ and we want to share the best of what they have to say.

Leading off this week, X-ACTO shared this touching Memorial Day photo in honor of fallen heroes.

Sure, you can make food with a 3D Printer, but how does it taste? According to this post by…it’s pretty good!

Laboratory Equipment magazine’s post about SpaceX’s new Dragon V2 spacecraft had us thinking of space adventures from old sci-fi movies.

What will the assembly line of the future look like? Check out this post by Assembly Magazine for one possibility.

If the kids in this post by Mashable reacted this way to an old Apple II, we’d love to see what they would do with a black and white TV or a transistor radio.

And we close out this week’s column with our post of a Mental Floss piece about others, like us, who are turning 30 in 2014.

There you have it…another quick look at a few of last week’s most interesting social media posts. We hope you enjoyed this week’s Social Rewind. We’d love it if you shared other interesting blog posts with us. Keep on reading! We’re look forward to continuing The Social Rewind through 2014. This is an exciting year for us as we celebrate our 30th anniversary. Keep your eyes open for new features, promotions, interviews, and more. See you next week!

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