Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simco-Ion's New FMX-004 Electrostatic Field Meter Boasts Extended Measuring Ranges

Fans of Simco-Ion's FMX-003 Hand-Held Field Meter will be excited to hear that Simco has replaced it with the brand new FMX-004 Electrostatic Field Meter. This pocket-sized, lightweight, 4-button operation (Power On/Off, Zero Adjustment, Mode & Hold) handheld meter is available now at

Simco-Ion has taken into account the various environments and applications that the FMX-004 will be used in and designed it accordingly. The unit is easy-to-read (with a Hold button that retains the static charge in case the user cannot readily see the display), includes a conductive case and ground strap for grounding, and has an auto shut-off feature making it energy efficient.

The Simco-Ion FMX-004 Electrostatic Field Meter locates and measures positive and negative polarity charges within ± 30kV (30,000 V) at a distance of 1" using air ionization. The unit features two LED guide lights and an audible alarm to help the user position the FMX-004 at the right distance from the charged test object. Measured results are displayed in both numerical and bar graph formats and signals to a chart recorder or similar devices for hard copy documentation. The user can also access the analog output (with optional cable and bracket) for feeding the output signal to a data acquisition card, data logger, PLC, chart reader, etc.

Let’s take a look at the specs of this impressive new Simco Field Meter:
  • Measurements:
    • Auto: 0 - ± 1.49 kV (low range); ± 1 kV to ± 30 kV (hi range)
    • Hi range: 0 - ± kV
    • Low range: 0 - ± 3 kV
    • Ion balance: 0 - ± 300 V
  • Distance: 1" ± 0.015625" (25 mm ± 0.5 mm) – uses LED guide for correct distance
  • Response time: Display updates less than 5 times per second
  • Accuracy: 20 kV ± 10%
  • Analog out: Response speed 40 ms
  • Controls: Push-button Power, Hold, Zero, and Mode (ion balance operation)
  • Indicators: Bar graph - Positive polarity voltage, red LCD, negative polarity voltage, blue LCD, battery capacity and error display indicators
  • Audible alarm: Beep power on, power on with auto off, over range, auto power off and continuous operation
  • Power: 9V 6F22Y manganese battery
  • 4.875" (123 mm) long
  • 2.875" (73 mm) wide
  • 1" (25 mm) deep
  • 6 oz. (170 g)
The FMX-004 features extended measuring ranges when compared to the FMX-003 (measuring ranges: low = 0 to ±1.5 kV, high = 0 to ±22.0 kV, ion balance (Charge plate installed) = 0 to ±200 V).

Visit to purchase your Simco-Ion FMX-004 Electrostatic Field Meter. You may also contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email for questions, more info, or to make a purchase.

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