Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hurry! Only a Few Days Left in Our Weller Free Tools Partner Promo

Thirteen days. That’s it. You have thirteen days left to get your FREE Xcelite or Erem tools with the purchase of an eligible Weller Soldering, Desoldering, or Rework Station. This second of our quarterly 30th Anniversary Partner Promos expires on June 30, 2014.

We have 80 possible combinations of Weller stations and FREE tools available to choose from at QSource.com. The eligible combos comprise two different offers:
  • Buy a Weller WES Series Soldering Station and get a FREE Xcelite L4 Needle-Nose Pliers or MS54 Oval Head Semi-Flush Cutters
  • Buy any Weller WD/WR/WX Station and get one of four Erem Cutters (512N Medium Oval Head Semi-Flush, 522N Medium Oval Head Full-Flush, 612N Small Oval Head Semi-Flush, or 622N Small Oval Head Flush) for FREE
The impressive range of eligible Weller stations includes:
  • WESD51 Digital ESD-Safe Soldering Station and WES51 Analog ESD-Safe Soldering Station
  • WXD2010 High-Powered Digital Soldering Station and WXD2 High-Powered Dual-Port Digital Power Unit
  • WX2021 WX2 Digital Soldering Station w/WXMP-MS Soldering Iron/WXMT-MS Desoldering Iron & Stands and WX2020 WX2 Digital Soldering Station w/2 WXP120 Soldering Irons & WDH10 Stands
  • WX1012 WX1 Digital Soldering Station w/WXP65 Soldering Iron & WDH10 Stand, WX1011 WX1 Digital Soldering Station w/WXMP-MS Soldering Iron & WDH51 Stand, and WX1010 WX1 Digital Soldering Station w/WXP120 Soldering Iron & WDH51 Stand
  • WX1 WX Series Single-Channel Soldering Station and WX2 WX Series Two-Channel Soldering Station
  • WD1001 Digital Soldering Station and WD1002 Digital Soldering Station w/WP80 Pencil
  • WD1 Digital 85W Soldering Station Power Unit
    There are 80 different Weller station/FREE tools combo available.
  • WD1M WD Series Micro Digital Rework Station and WD2M/612N WD Series Dual-Channel Micro Digital Rework Station
  • WR2000 WR2000 Series Self-Contained Digital 2-Channel Rework Station Kit and WR2000ER Digital Self-Contained 2-Channel Rework Station Set w/DSX120 & WP 65 Pencils
  • WR2000VX Digital Rework Station w/WSP80 Soldering Pencil & DXV80 Desoldering Pencil
  • WR3M Digital Self-Contained 3-Function Rework Station, WR3000M WR3000 Series Digital Self-Contained 3-Function Rework Station Kit, and WR3000MER Digital Self-Contained 3-Function Rework Station w/Tools
The FREE tools range in use from general purpose applications to micro-electronics. You’ll find each tool matched up with a specific Weller station at our Web site, making it easy to add the combo to your shopping cart with just one click.

If you’re a fan of Apex Tool Group’s quality Weller, Erem, or Xcelite brands, and in the market for a new soldering/desoldering/rework station, this is an excellent opportunity to get a top-notch station AND a solid hand tool as a FREE bonus.

Please Note: Our Weller Partner Promo expires June 30, 2014. No coupon code is required to receive the FREE tool—just add the station/tool combo to your shopping cart. Check out our 30th Anniversary Partner Promo page to make your purchase or contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email.

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