Thursday, February 13, 2014

Q Source Static Shielding Bags: Premium Quality, Low Cost, Always In Stock

Looking for quality, low-priced, metal-in static shielding bags for your static-sensitive electronic components? Our new Q Source Static Shielding Bags Department at offers dozens of premium quality bags in a number of sizes and your choice of open-top or zip-top.

Q Source Static Shielding Bags (sold in packs of 100) are always in stock and always ready to ship. These bags provide protection and visibility for identification of your components. Featuring a four-layer film made of a static-dissipative coating outer layer, buried polyester, aluminum shield, and a PE inner layer, these bags are also suited for heat sealing applications.

Let's take a look at the electrical and physical properties of the Q Source Static Shielding Bag:

Electrical Properties
  • Surface Resistivity:
    • PE < 1012 Ohms/sq
    • PET < 1012 Ohms/sq
  • Surface Resistance:
    • PE < 1011 Ohms
    • PET < 1011 Ohms
  • Static Shielding: < 10 nJ
  • Electrostatic Decay: .01 sec.
  • Capacitance Prob: < 10 volts difference
  • Metal Layer: < 100 Ohms
Physical Properties
  • Thickness: 3.1 mil
  • Yield: 9,000sq. in/lb.
  • Tensile Strength: 15 lb./in
  • Puncture Resistance: > 12 lb.
  • Tear Initiation: > 2 lb.
  • Mullen Burst: 82 PSI
  • Seam Strength: > 12 lb./in
  • Haze: 4%
  • Optical Density: 0.35-0.45
  • Transparency: 40%
  • Heat Seal: 375°F 0.5sec 60 PSI
Q Source keeps a large inventory of these premium static shielding bags in stock so they're always ready to deliver. You may also be interested in our Q Source Anti-Static Bags. Orders may also be placed by calling 800-966-6020.

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