Friday, January 31, 2014

Hakko FX-951 ESD-Safe Soldering Station: "On the Bench" Video

Our Hakko representative, Dave Ford, stopped by Q Source yesterday to shoot some videos and talk about a few Hakko products. First up, Dave gives us an overview of the Hakko FX-951 ESD-Safe Soldering Station.

The FX-951 Soldering Station includes impressive features like auto shutoff, sleep mode functionality, low temperature alarm, lockout key card, and it never needs calibration. Learn more about this popular choice for SMT tasks in our "On the Bench" video.

To purchase the Hakko FX-951 Soldering Station, please visit or contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email. The FX-951 is part of our 30th Anniversary Partner Promo and from now through March 31, 2014 you'll get an additional 10% OFF the advertised price, FREE shipping, and a FREE tip with your purchase. also features a large selection of other Hakko products.

Don't forget to look out for new "On the Bench" videos at and on our YouTube channel.


xavier said...

What is the difference of T15 and T12 tip ranges?

Q Source, Inc. said...

Hi Xavier,
Thank you for your comment. We spoke to Hakko and this was their response:

"The T12 tips are the Japanese version of the US T15 series. The T15 tips are the tips that need to be used with FX951-66."

Please let us know if you have further questions about the T15 tips or any other related topics. You can also get additional information at our Hakko T15 Series Tips page at