Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Watch CCI's Tacki-Pak Material Defy the Forces of Nature

We've written previously about Conductive Containers Inc.'s (CCI) Tacki-Pak material and its amazing non-adhesive, tacky surface. We offered up a list of impressive specifications and all of the product info needed to make an educated purchase.

But we realize that, sometimes, pictures can express the essential details of an object more directly. To really see how the Tacki-Pak material works, CCI offers the following two demo videos:


Wanna demonstrate how good something is at staying in one place? CCI believes off-roading in a vehicle on a muddy road offers up the ultimate Tacki test. In their Tacki Pak Off Road Test video, CCI puts their innovative new ESD-safe packaging through the paces and comes out with "have-to-see-to-believe" results.


In this second CCI video, we see another gravity-defying example of the Tacki material's remarkable capability to keep objects where you want them. The Tacki-Pak bottom surface of this CCI Durastat Stackable Tray demonstrates its adhesive-free ability to hold in place multiple cellular phones. Watch the phones as the host tilts the tray almost to the vertical and shakes the tray in an unsuccessful attempt to move the phones.

Seeing is believing! To learn more about, or to place an order for, CCI's Tacki-Pak products please visit our site. For other CCI products, please visit our CCI Department at You may also contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email.

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