Friday, December 6, 2013

Hakko 999-182 Carbon/Odor Filter Discontinued & Replaced by 999-245 Filter

Hakko 999-182 (left) replaced by 999-245
Hakko announced that the 999-182 Carbon/Odor Filter for use with the discontinued HJ3100 Fume Extractor has also been discontinued. The replacement carbon/odor filter is the 999-245, which is used with the Hakko FA-430 Fume Extraction System.

The Hakko 999-182 and 999-245 offer equivalent performance specifications and using the 999-245 with the HJ3100 will have no negative impact. However, the Hakko 999-245 Carbon/Odor Filter has a smaller, more compact frame. A Filter Adapter Frame (999-241) is required to use the 999-245 with the HJ3100. The Frame Adapter is reusable does not need to be replaced after installation.

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