Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weller's "Outfit Your Workbench" Promo Offers Free Accessories

If you've been considering the purchase of a Weller WX or WD Series Soldering Station, their new "Outfit Your Workbench" promotion might just be your final motivator. Running from now until the end of the year (12/31/13), Weller's offering a FREE compatible accessory soldering tool and stand with the purchase of any WX or WD Series Station.

Download a free accessory claim form here.
The Weller WX Series (featured in a Q Source Resource post earlier this year) is a powerful, energy-efficient, intelligent soldering system available in single- or dual-channel models. The Weller WD Series features modern LCD technology, three programmable temperature preset buttons, additional programmable options (including temperature standby, lockout, and more), and °F/°C switching. The FREE compatible accessories include Soldering Sets, Desoldering Sets, and Micro-Tweezers Sets with values ranging from $163 to $354.

Eligible WX Series products include:
Choose one of the following accessories* for FREE with your purchase of a WX Series product:
  • WXP65 Soldering Set - $259 value
  • WXP120 Soldering Set - $269 value
  • WXP200 Soldering Set - $279 value
  • WXMP-MS Soldering Set - $249 value
  • WXMT-MS Micro-Tweezers Set - $299 value
Eligible WD Series products include:
Choose one of the following accessories* for FREE with your purchase of a WD Series product:
  • WMRP Soldering Set - $290 value
  • WMRP-MS Micro-Tweezers Set - $314 value
  • WMRT Micro-Tweezers Set - $354 value
  • WMRT-MS Soldering Set - $352 value
  • WP65 Soldering Set - $214 value
  • WP80 Soldering Set - $163 value
  • WP120 Soldering Set - $287 value
  • WSP150 Soldering Set - $258 value
  • WTA50 Desoldering Set - $234 value
* Free accessories ship directly from Weller.

Here's how you get your FREE Weller accessory. Purchase one or more WX or WD Series Soldering Stations from QSource.com and then download this form. Fill it out and send it to Weller, along with a copy of your order confirmation, and they'll send you one FREE soldering tool and stand for each soldering system you purchase. You may also fax the form to 919-387-2639 or email it to weller-na@weller-tools.com.

For more information about this promo, or to place an order for an eligible Weller Soldering Station, please visit QSource.com, call us at 800-966-6020, or send us an email.

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