Thursday, October 31, 2013

Questions for Q-Bot: Finger Cots – No, They're Not Tiny Hats for Your Fingers

Dear Q-Bot: When searching for gloves on your Web site recently, I noticed something called “finger cots.” Can you tell me more about them? – A.T. via email

Dear A.T.:

Thanks for your question (and for shopping on While I don't wear finger cots (can't find ones that will fit my robot fingers), I can tell you a little about these items that look like tiny hats for your fingers.

Finger cots are utilized as finger protection in a number of industries (such as health/medical, electronics assembly, art restoration, etc.) for a wide variety of applications (including PCB/component handling, food handling, precision assembly, protection from infectious materials, and more). They are appropriate for use when a full glove is unnecessary or not required and as protection for a cut or wound.

Finger cots (also known as finger stalls and sometimes finger condoms) help provide protection from skin oils, salts, and particulates; from hazardous materials, and ESD-safe versions are used when working with sensitive electronic devices. They are available in a number of sizes, thicknesses, and materials (such as latex, rubber, nitrile, and vinyl).

As mentioned, offers a number of finger cots from manufacturers like QRP Gloves and North Safety. If you're interested in learning more about finger cots, use your fingers (with or without cots) and either type us an email, dial us up (800-966-6020), or surf to our Web site and we'll be happy to point out the right solutions for you.

Thanks again for your question, AT. Please continue reading The Q Source Resource blog. — Q-Bot

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