Monday, October 21, 2013

CCI Static-Protective Material Handling Products Now at Q Source: Hundreds of ESD Shipping and Storage Solutions

Proper protective packaging for storing and shipping ESD-sensitive PCBs and components helps eliminate product failures and saves you money in the long run. Q Source recently added a quality resource for such ESD protection to our Web site: Conductive Containers Inc. (CCI) products. CCI has been designing and producing innovative static-protective material handling solutions for 35 years. now features 850 CCI items in categories including bins, trash cans, shelving, storage containers, and totes. That selection offers more than 40 ESD-safe & conductive bins, more than 130 mailers & shipping boxes, more than 440 conductive corrugated in-plant handler totes, a dozen hinged ESD-safe boxes, and more.

Among the hundreds of recently added products are a variety of options for just about every application need. A few of the more popular items include:
  • Durastat ESD Trays – These durable, highly re-usable trays are stackable to maximize space and minimize weight. Eliminate the need for static-shielding bags with this injection-molded tote, which features a dissipative crosslink foam pad on the bottom of the tray.
  • Corstat™ Drawer Cabinet – An economical solution for static-protected storage for multiple small components. The Corstat Drawer Cabinet features a rigid double wall and contains conductive thermoformed drawers.
  • Corstat Bin Boxes - These static-shielding bins help clean up your storage and eliminate static-shielding bags. Corstat Bins provide economical inplant ESD protection for ICs, DIP tubes, and other components. Bins are available in open, hopper, and stackable styles.
  • Corstat InPlant Handlers – Featuring a rigid double-wall construction and Corstat static shielding, these InPlant Handlers are re-usable and recyclable. Low-cost Corstat InPlant Handlers save you money by eliminating the need for static-shielding bags. These handlers provide physical protection for in-plant or inter-plant use.
CCI can also create custom ESD solutions. For more information about CCI stock or custom products, or to place an order, please visit our CCI Department at or contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email.

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