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The Brady BMP41 Label Printer: One & Done Printing for a Variety of Tasks

Can you get all your label printing for the day done with one printer? Brady Corporation (Brady) believes the answer is yes, which is why the slogan for their new BMP®41 Label Printer is "One and done."

Made for on-the-job labeling, the portable, mid-range Brady BMP41 Label Printer was created with electrical, voice & data communications, telecommunications, and general industrial applications in mind. The rugged (it can survive a six-foot drop) BMP41 is easy to use and versatile enough for everyday jobs and one-off tasks, alike. With the BMP41 thermal transfer printer as a standard tool, electricians, network engineers, and other mobile workers can complete their labeling needs quickly and on-the-spot.


The Brady BMP41's ability to be your one and done printer, able to create labels anywhere and anytime, comes from its impressive specifications. Featuring the capability to print up to 250 labels a day (using either the built-in, long-lasting rechargeable battery or the AC adapter) on die-cut or continuous labels up to 1" wide (at 1.3" per second), the BMP41 Label Printer utilizes cartridges with ribbon and label materials pre-matched. The complete list of specs is as follows:
  • Made for a variety of applications such as wire & cable ID, datacomm & audio/visual labeling, electrical ID, panel ID, product ID, facility ID, safety & maintenance, and general ID
  • Wire wrap, terminal block, patch panel, flags, general, 66-block, 110-block, BIX block, DESI-strip printing modes
  • Printer functions include print preview, serialization, date/timestamp, fixed length, mirror, vertical, rotate, auto format, multi-copy, banner, and frame feature
  • Thermal transfer printing technology at 300 DPI
  • 1.3" (33mm) per second print speed
  • Single-color printing
  • Prints 250 (max) labels per day
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Manual cutter
  • 2.5" x 1.5" LCD with backlit screen
  • 10.3" H x 6" W x 3.6" D dimensions
  • Weighs 2.85 lb. (including battery and media)
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery pack with life indicator or AC power supply
  • 48 MB memory/up to 25,000 labels
  • Optional PC/software connectivity through USB
  • Stand Alone Printing: Yes
  • Continuous and die cut materials
  • Print Mechanism: Cartridge with ribbon match & smart-cell media detection
  • Prints 0.235-1" minimum width label and up to 39" maximum length label
  • 190+ stock material parts
  • Clear polyester, metalized polyester, polyester, heat shrink polyolefin tubing, polypropylene, self-laminating vinyl, vinyl, and vinyl cloth material types
  • 4 to 103 point font sizes with autosizing
  • 445 built-in symbols
  • Barcode printing includes 39 & UCC128 stand-alone and additional via software
  • 2-year warranty


The BMP41 Label Printer standard package is priced at $299.99 and includes the BMP Nickel Battery Pack (BMP-UBP), MC1-1000-595-WT-BK cartridge, USB Cable, AC Adapter (M50-AC), Product CD, Brady Printer Drivers CD and the Quick Start Guide. There are also three application-specific kits available (the Voice/Data Communications Starter Kit, Electrical Starter Kit, and the Facility Identification Starter Kit), which include the contents of the standard package plus:
  • Voice/Data Communications Starter Kit - BMP41-HC BMP41 Hard Case, M-51-427 1.0" White Label Roll (B-427) 110 each, MC-475-412 0.475" White Label Roll (B-412), MC1-1000-595-YL-BK 1.0" Black on Yellow Label Roll (B-595), and MC1-1000-595-WT-BK 1.0" Black on White Label Roll (B-595)
  • Electrical Starter Kit - BMP41-HC BMP41 Hard Case, M-143-427 1.0" White Label Roll (B-427) 200 each, M-48-498 1.0" White Label Roll (B-498), M-187-075-342 0.75" White Label Roll (B-342), MC1-1000-595-OR-BK 1.0" Black on Orange Label Roll (B-595), MC1-1000-595-WT-BK 1.0" Black on White Label Roll (B-595)
  • Facility Identification Starter Kit - MC1-1000-595-YL-BK 1.0" Black on Yellow Label Roll (B-595), MC1-1000-595-WT-RD 1.0" Red on White Label Roll (B-595), MC1-1000-595-GN-WT 1.0" White on Green Label Roll (B-595), MC1-1000-595-WT-BK 1.0" Black on White Label Roll (B-595), M-60-483 1.0" White Label Roll (B-483)


To provide high-quality, professional label printing to the user, the BMP41 has a variety of materials and accessories available. Using the proper labels/ribbons and add-ons ensures durable, long-lasting labels and problem-free printing.

The BMP41 Label Printer uses Brady's advanced All-in-One Cartridge System, which features smart-cell detection that automatically sets up the label when the cartridge is loaded. Brady offers up to 10 different industry-specified materials including:
  • B-427 Self-Laminating Vinyl
  • B-342 Permasleeve® PS Wire Marking Sleeves
  • B-498 Repositionable Vinyl Cloth Labels
  • B-499 Nylon Cloth Labels
  • B-412 Polypropylene Tags
  • B-422 Polyester Labels
  • B-428 Metalized Polyester Labels
  • B-483 Ultra Aggressive Adhesive Polyester
  • B-595 Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Tape
  • B-584 Reflective Tape
The BMP41 shares many of the same M-Series consumables as the Brady BMP51 and BMP53 Printers (BMP51/53 consumables larger than 1" wide, as well as various BMP51/BMP53 consumables under 1", (such as lab materials) will not function in the BMP41 printer).

Brady BMP41 replacement parts and accessories include the BMP41-BATT Battery, BMP41-HC Hard Case, BMP41-QC External Battery Quick Charger, BMP41-AC AC Adapter, BMP41-USB USB Cable, and BMP41-MAGNET Magnetic Accessory. The BMP-MAGNET is a cool accessory that allows the user to work hands-free by attaching the magnet to the back of the BMP41 and sticking it to a magnetized wall or surface.

With its combination of Brady quality label materials, rugged exterior, built-in functions, and ease of use, Brady’s BMP41 Label Printer looks to be the one-and-done tool for a variety of applications. Add to that its excellent low cost and it just makes sense to equip each technician with their own unit for on-the-go, uninterrupted productivity.

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