Thursday, September 26, 2013 Adds Puritan Medical Products Line for Critical Environment Applications

When working with critical environment applications, such as collecting bacteriological and viral specimens, sampling for forensics, or working with static-sensitive components, you absolutely require high-quality, reliable tools. recently added a complete selection of Puritan Medical Products to help you address these vital needs.

Made for a variety of uses, such as medical, diagnostic, forensic, and environmental surface sampling, Puritan single-use swabs & applicators are produced using the most up-to-date materials and manufacturing processes to meet the demands of critical environment applications. These top-notch products benefit from Puritan’s more than 90 years of experience and innovation. now offers a resource of more than 300 Puritan products in the following categories:
  • Applicator Sticks - Puritan Applicator Sticks, available in sterile and non-sterile versions, are made for tasks like applying or stirring medicines, manicures/pedicures, and general electronics use in the medical, industrial, and health & beauty fields.
  • Calcium Alginate Applicators - Puritan Calcium Alginate Applicators are tipped with the organic calcium alginate material and are utilized for specimen collection, wound care, industrial surface testing, veterinary care, ophthalmology, and pediatrics applications.
  • Cotton-Tipped Swabs
    25-800 A 50 Calcium Alginate Tipped Applicator
    - Puritan Cotton-Tipped Swabs are a general purpose solution for specimen collection, crime scene investigation, buccal cell collection, cleaning & removing residues, cleaning wounds, and applying medicines.
  • Foam-Tipped Swabs
    1130 Foam Tipped Swab
    - Puritan Foam-Tipped Swabs are perfect for a variety of tasks in critical and industrial environments including environmental surface sampling, removing residues and particulates, detection of micro-organisms, and more.
  • HydraFlock® Swabs - Puritan HydraFlock Swabs provide the highest absorption properties because of their unique proprietary microstructure and are used for forensic evidence, DNA testing, rapid diagnostic testing and more.
  • Microfiber-Tipped Swabs - Puritan Microfiber-Tipped Swabs are made for use in critical and industrial environments for applications like removing residues/contaminates, cleaning electronics, and applying solutions.
  • Polyester-Tipped Swabs - Puritan Polyester-Tipped Swabs were created for a wide range of tasks such as cell collection, cleaning of electronics, patient care, and gynecological screening.
  • PurFlock® Swabs
    25-3316-U PurFlock® Mini-Tip Ultra Flocked Swab
    - Puritan PurFlock® Swabs offer high purity, low particulates, and better cell yield making them ideal for DNA testing, PCR, forensics, specimen collection, and more.
  • Rayon-Tipped Swabs - Puritan Rayon-Tipped Swabs are created from the finest USP grade of rayon fiber making them well-suited for applications like specimen sampling/collection, health & beauty, forensics, and veterinary tasks.
  • Sampling Kits & Transport Systems
    LA-116 Liquid Amies Transport System with 1ml Fill & 1 Elongated Tip Flock Swab
    - Puritan Sampling Kits & Transport Systems are high-performance specialized systems for collecting and transporting bacteriological specimens, environmental surface sampling, and more.
  • Scrapers & Collection Devices
    2181 Medical Packaging Style Cervical Scraper
    - Puritan Scrapers & Collection Devices are used for the scraping and collection of cervical cells (both extrocervical and endocervical), DNA collection, and veterinary use.
  • Tongue DepressorsPuritan Tongue Depressors are wooden blades created for a number of applications such as patient oral exams, health & beauty, crafts, and more.
Puritan products are available in a variety of tip and handle materials including:

Tip Materials

3677 Microfiber Tipped Swab
  • Foam
  • Microfiber
  • Polyester
  • Soft nylon
  • UltraFlock
  • And more

Handle Materials

  • Acetate
  • 1622-PF Foam Tipped Swab with a glass filled polypropylene handle
  • Delrin (Acetal)
  • Glass Filled Polypropylene
  • Popule
  • Wood
  • And more
In addition to their decades of experience, Puritan Medical Products boasts impressive industry credentials such as meeting ISO 13485:2003 medical device regulations, carrying CE mark certification on their products, and being PAL Accreditation No. BG30400220, FDA, and ISO 9001:2008 registered. The company states that it "…adheres to the strictest quality guidelines" and "It is very important to us that every product we make is the best of its kind."

For more information about, or to place an order for Puritan products, please visit our Puritan Medical Products Department at or contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email.

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