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Choosing the Right Puritan Swab for Manufacturing and Industry Uses – Guest Blog

by Ashley L. McKusick, Vice President of Sales – Northeast, Puritan Medical Products

Our guest blogger from Puritan Medical Products provides our readers with some helpful facts about Puritan swabs and their specific applications.

Puritan Medical Products Co., LLC (Puritan), North America's largest manufacturer of specialty tipped, single-use products for critical environments (as well as for medical, diagnostic, forensic, and environmental surface sampling use), understands the importance of using the right swab for the job. After all, you can't do the right job if you don't have the right tools. To better help you make an educated choice, we present the following overview.

Puritan swabs and other products are used in labs around the world in industries such as healthcare, diagnostics, fiber optics, electronics, semiconductors, precision manufacturing and more. We manufacture all our critical environment products in an ISO 9001:2008 certified and CE-compliant facility to ensure quality control. Because many of our products are used in critical environments for manufacturing and industry it is even more important to select the right tool for the application.

Knitted Polyester Swabs

Our Knitted Polyester Swabs are non-abrasive, lint-free, and can easily stand up to IPA, acetone, and other solvents commonly used in cleanrooms and other critical environments. These swabs are also non-absorbent, have low particle generation, low NVRs (non-volatile residues), and good chemical resistance.

Made and vacuum packed in our Class 1,000 cleanroom, Puritan's knitted polyester swabs are ideal for cleaning electronic and communication devices and perfect for instrumentation and medical device manufacturing.

MicroFiber Swabs

If your application requires an absorbent swab that has low particle generation and low NVRs, yet is soft and non-abrasive, check out Puritan's microfiber line. Microfiber Swabs offer excellent wipe-dry characteristics and are safe to use on and around static-sensitive components. They're ideal for removing contaminants and excess materials in your critical environment. That’s why they're often used in manufacturing fiber-optic components.

Foam-Tipped Swabs

Foam Swabs come in many different configurations, including Puritan's PurSwab® foam-tipped applicators. These are good for removing epoxy residue from connectors, general cleaning or as a flux remover. Puritan's PurSwab applicators also have thermal edge seals and thermal bonding to the handle so the sponge-like foam picks- up unwanted particles without releasing any into your critical environment.

Specialty-Tipped Swabs

Puritan offers a variety of Specialty-Tipped Swabs for those times when you can't find the right swab for your needs – or, perhaps, you've found a way to boost productivity by using a swab that may not be mass produced. Specialty-tipped applicators come in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials. For example, Puritan's ESD swabs, which are designed for working in and around highly static-sensitive components and parts. Puritan also offers the Popule®, a self-saturating swab with a non-glass handle that can be filled with virtually any solution. The Popule is pre-filled and ready to use, offering you the convenience of a swab and solution in one.

About Puritan

Puritan is trusted worldwide for its U.S.-made, single-use products for the healthcare, diagnostic, forensic, critical environment, food safety, and drug manufacturing industries. All Puritan products are made at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Guilford, ME.

Q Source would like to thank our guest blogger, Ashley McKusick, from Puritan Medical Products. Thank you very much for your contribution to The Q Source Resource.

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