Thursday, September 19, 2013

Buy a Metcal MX-5210 Dual-Port Soldering/Rework Station and Get Three FREE STTC-136 Cartridges

UPDATE 12/5/13: This offer has been extended to expire December 31, 2013.

Metcal's new MX-5210 MX-5200 Series Dual-Port Soldering & Rework Station is an exciting piece of technology created to allow two handpieces to work from one power supply simultaneously. Even more exciting is Metcal's current special offer: When you buy an MX-5210, you'll get three FREE cartridges. Running through December 31, 2013, this special promotion offers three Metcal STTC-136 Soldering Chisel Cartridges (suitable for most standard applications such as through-hole and SMD rework) for each Metcal MX-5210 Soldering and Rework System purchased. All you have to do is purchase one or more MX-5210 units and Q Source will take care of the rest. Metcal will send you your three FREE cartridges directly.


The MX-5210's dual simultaneous ports allow two operators (two handpieces) to work at the same time while sharing the unit's 80-watt output power. A single operator can also take advantage of this feature when different handpieces/cartridges are required for various applications. The ESD-safe MX-5210 provides enough power for challenging tasks like working with high-mass components or multi-layered boards.

The Metcal MX-5210 Soldering and Rework System includes one advanced MX-H1-AV lightweight, ergonomic handpiece compatible with all STTC and SMTC Metcal cartridges, and one TipSaver MX-W1AV auto-sleep workstand. The MX-5210 System ships with everything needed for effective soldering and rework applications such as lead-free, thermally sensitive components, high-volume production soldering, touch-up soldering, and conduction rework of SMDs when used with the SMTC Series Cartridges.


Complete technical specifications of the MX-5210 Soldering and Rework System include:
  • 10- 40°C (50°F - 104°F) ambient operating temperature
  • 55°C (131°F) maximum enclosure temperature
  • 100- 240 VAC, grounded circuit input line voltage
  • 50/60 Hz input line frequency
  • 125 Watts power consumption
  • 80 watts output power maximum per channel at 22°C (when operated with two handpieces dynamically, output power is shared based on demand)
  • 13.56 MHzC output frequency
  • 183cm (18/3") SJT 3-wire power cord
  • 4.8" W x 5.1" D x 9.3" H (12.1cm x 13.0cm x 23.5cm) dimensions
  • cTUVus, CE certification/marking
  • < 2mV tip-to-ground potential
  • < 2 ohms tip-to-ground resistance
  • ± 1.1°C (2°F) idle temperature stability in still air
  • L=122cm (48") burn resistant, ESD safe handpiece cable length
  • F connector handpiece
  • 3.4" W x 7.5" D x 3.3" H (8.6cm x 19.1cm x 8.3cm) workstand dimensions
  • 7.4 lb. (3.35 kg) power supply weight
  • 1.05 lb. (.476 kg) workstand weight
For more information about, or to place your order for the Metcal MX-5210 Dual Port Soldering & Rework Station please visit You can also give us a call at 800-966-6020 or contact us via email. Metcal's special offer expires December 31, 2013 and cannot be combined with other offers. After your MX-5210 order has been processed we will provide Metcal with the appropriate information and they will send you the three FREE cartridges.

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